What can I do about these water stains on my shower door?

Hillela G.
by Hillela G.
Thank you for your help!!!
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  • Phyll Phyll on Feb 07, 2017

    I used any shower cleaning solution then those plastic scrubbies from Dollarama you know the ones that come three/two in a pack and are pink and blue etc. Then I wiped it down to rinse it then windexed inside and outside.I do cleaning for a living and it took us a while to figure out how to get our glass showers looking good. Another way is the scrubbies with dish soap then rinse and use a squeegee.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 08, 2017

    make a mixture of white vinegar,water,a dash of dawn and a tablespoon of jet dry. Apply to the shower and leave on long enough to aid in the removal.You can also use with that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Once the stains are gone use a daily shower cleaner and a squeegee..

  • Sgu9219301 Sgu9219301 on Feb 08, 2017

    Clean with vinegar and a Scrubby sponge. Then coat with Rain X

  • Connie Connie on Feb 08, 2017

    Not sure how this would work on shower doors but I use a mixture of half vinegar and half dawn dish soap for my bathtub and fixtures. Works well and other than vinegar smell the odor is harmless.

  • Lit11761454 Lit11761454 on Feb 08, 2017

    My daughter's maid told her to save USED fabric softener sheets and regular window cleaner. They work amazingly well- whatever they are made of. I had terrible hard water stains and scum and it took it all off.

  • Mary Mary on Feb 09, 2017

    I got rid of the regular soap that puts a scum on the glass. Everyone use shampoo to wash with. First used lime away and a scrubby to get it clean, then dish soap and a scrubby. Now that its clean and no bar soaps or irish spring, we just use a squidgy when were down with our showers and it stays great

  • Lit11761454 Lit11761454 on Feb 09, 2017

    Great idea!

  • Jan Thompson Jan Thompson on Feb 09, 2017

    Once you have it cleaned up - try using Rain X, the water will just sheet off the glass, no spots at all. I use it once a month and just squeegee after showers in between.

  • Carol Kennedy Carol Kennedy on Feb 09, 2017

    Use Rainex after cleaning to extend the time your doors stay scum free

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Feb 09, 2017

    I use Barkeepers soft soap spray and everything comes out like new! Best of luck.

  • Jod10412701 Jod10412701 on Feb 10, 2017

    I tried everything listed here plus tons more to rid the hard water spots on my doors but nothing worked. Then I remembered something I had done many years ago... get some Old English Wood Furniture Oil, Lemon.

    Clean the door with what ever cleaner you choose> rinse well and wipe the doors while rinsing to remove any residue of cleaner> let dry> generously pour the Old English onto an old cloth> wipe the doors> let set for at least 30 minutes> wipe excess off with another old cloth> wipe with a clean cloth one more time to polish the glass. Your cloths can be washed in the machine but I wash mine separately so the oil won't transfer onto anything else.

    There is a chance you will notice a bit of an oily slip hazard on the tub if you don't wipe all the excess off. Using the oil method lasts through many showers and water just rolls off the doors instead of sitting there making even more spots. I use this every time I clean the shower now and love the results.

    • Donna Crosland Donna Crosland on Feb 10, 2017

      That's the ticket - I have been using it for years - a friend is a housekeeper for a high end hotel chain and that's what they use.

  • Nancy Nancy on Feb 10, 2017

    I had a problem using Rain X. Water stains eventually became difficult to remove. Have not been able to remove Rain X completely.

  • Jbi17349905 Jbi17349905 on Feb 10, 2017

    I use mr clean magic erasers

  • Aho16504670 Aho16504670 on Feb 10, 2017

    There is a product called Lemi Shine the hard water expert. I first used it on drinking glasses that had gotten spots and they did not want to come off. I now keep it for other hard water problems.

  • F H Young F H Young on Feb 11, 2017

    Dip a plastic scrubby in ammonia or hydrogen peroxide and scrub the shower door. Rinse and squeegee the shower door. Friend is a janitor and finds this works for her every time. In between cleanings spray with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 water, squeegee clean. Everyone in this area has hard water, we tend to make our own cleaners and avoid the expensive stuff. CLR works well on the stubborn stuff. I rarely use it as it only takes a few minutes to spray the shower door after a shower. So hard water stains are rare. Unless you have lazy family members or guests who are to lazy to spray and squeegee the shower door.

  • Carol Koury Carol Koury on Feb 11, 2017

    You might try this trick that works well on "cloudy" glasses and dishes. Get some plain paste toothpaste and rub it on with a soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly---hope it helps!

  • Eloise Eloise on Feb 12, 2017

    A search of the Hometalk website turned up a few options: http://www.hometalk.com/diy/clean/house/q-what-can-i-do-about-these-water-stains-on-my-shower-door-27505167?se=fol_new-20170211-1&date=20170211&slg=68289aa87a0b7809786a3360e5cf1c25-535901

    A search of Pinterest came up with more options: https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?rs=ac&len=2&q=remove%20water%20stains%20from%20shower%20door&eq=remove%20water%20stains%20&etslf=8870&term_meta[]=remove%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=water%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=stains%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=from%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=shower%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=door%7Cautocomplete%7C3

  • Elsa Elsa on Feb 12, 2017

    I'm a bit old school. Tried EVERYTHING out there. Nothing worked. Spoke to a friend who always has everything in her house shiny clean. She said to try some clorox and regular dish detergent. Well, I almost killed myself with the fumes... wear a mask, please. I have to tell you I never saw any glass this clean. I almost walked into it several times because I didn't see the glass shower doors were closed. No residue, no anything, plus it gave my bathrooms that, I just got cleaned to the max smell. lol. I may try some of these other recommendations too, just to see.

    • Debi Klausner Debi Klausner on Feb 13, 2017

      What is the ratio, 50/50? Do you speay it on or just apply with a cloth? Any scrubbing? I would love more details on how to mix & use! Thanks!!

  • Angel12824 Angel12824 on Feb 12, 2017

    Vinegar mixed with gel dishwashing soap. Spray on and let set about 15 mins then buff off. The gel keeps the vinegar on the glass so that it can loosen the soap scum.

  • Debbie Stokes Cotter Debbie Stokes Cotter on Feb 12, 2017

    A couple of days before I power clean my bathroom I spray my large shower and glass doors with a quality bathroom cleaner like Clorox or Lysol or that type. I spray the heck out of the walls and glass. Leave it to dry and do the same thing the next day. On the third day, I spray again and then use a good sponge with a scrubber and hot water. After 12 years, I still have clear glass! Sometimes I even leave a small film of cleaner on the glass so the bath soap doesn't stick so badly.

  • Karen Jurasinski Karen Jurasinski on Feb 13, 2017

    The vinegar and dishsoap should be 1/2 C vinegar, 1 1/2 C water and 1TBSP dishsoap. Put in spray bottle and spray the glassafter every shower.

  • Lav5905886 Lav5905886 on Feb 13, 2017

    take a single edge razor blade and scrape water stain of shower glass.

  • Elsa Elsa on Feb 13, 2017

    Morning, like I said I'm old school. In old school we don't measure. That's something more for the youngins'. lol. I just put more clorox than dish detergent and bingo, there you are! First I lock the doors, closed blinds are an option, then get naked because I have to do both sides of the glass, I take one of those little sponges in with me and a pail so I can throw water on the highest part of the glass. I do use a little elbow grease but when I am finished, let me tell you, whoooo, hooo. the glass sparkles, the trim sparkle, the walls of the tub sparkle, the floor sparkles, every nook and cranny is clean and smells like your mama was in there doing the job! An extra built in plus is that so do you! I come out 2 shades lighter than when I went in and everywhere I go that day people ask me, AAHH, was it your cleaning day today? It's a multi-purpose cleaner.

    I can't help being a jokster in my world but, seriously this works like a charm.

    You'all come now now hear?

  • DSapone DSapone on Mar 23, 2017

    We can remove all the water dots and etching with our high quality cleaner – Benaz. We will also prevent your glass from staining with our patented sealing process and will offer you a 5 year labor warranty. To educate yourself on our glass restoration service, visit : https://goo.gl/5R5f5Q .

  • Kathy Bennett Kathy Bennett on Mar 23, 2017

    Use WD 40! My sister in law had a bad shower door that she was going to have to replace. i reccomended this to her and she said her glass door looked new again!

  • Jean Brightstar Jean Brightstar on Feb 07, 2020

    I use Nothins' Better. A very fine silica/sand on any hard water spots. Also works wonders on stainless steel sinks, and ss cooking pans. Brings them back to new.

    They make 2 varieties. A dry powder (the original recipe) and a new paste. I prefer the original. I dampen a sponge, dip it into the powder. Making small circles I scrub off all hard water spots.