I give up. Hard water stains on shower doors. Can they be saved?

by Margotrice

I have used vinegar to get the soap scum off and CLR soaked paper towels laid on the glass, but the hard water stains remain. Is there hope to clean the glass shower doors or do I have to break down and buy new ones?

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  • I would try a glass or ceramic stove top cleaner; then, buff it with a microfiber cloth. If not you can buy a product called Bar Keepers Friend and apply it to the glass doors. Hope this works... Finally for future prevention use regularly a squeegee after each shower. Once in a while you can spray some Rain-x, but don't over do it. Good Luck! )
  • Marcy Marcy on Jun 25, 2013
    I've used powdered citric acid mixed with boiling hot water and it is incredible! Mix it in a bucket (you'll need lots of citric acid- at least a cup or two) and then pour over the shower doors.
  • Marcy Marcy on Jun 25, 2013
    Also, use a soap pad such as brillo for scrubbing.
  • Robyn Robyn on Jun 25, 2013
    There is an amazing product called ScumBlaster that I think might work. I love the stuff and it is safe.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Jun 25, 2013
    @Margotrice I have not had this problem since using the scrubbing bubbles foam - I use the one with bleach - however soap scum and water stains were a big problem for me at one time. You may have to do a couple of treatments to get it the way you want, but it is so easy to do you won't mind. Just spray the foam, let sit for a few minutes, then a little scrub - I use one of those nylon body scrubbers, then rinse and squeegee the water away. When you get it to where you want it, just squeegee after showers and use the scrubbing bubble cleaning. Good luck.
  • Margotrice Margotrice on Jun 26, 2013
    I have removed the soap scum using vinegar, lemon juice and Dawn mixture. There is just hard water residue left. In my old house I used Rain X about once every 3 months and squeegee after each shower, so I never had this problem. I'll try the cooktop cleaner since I have not found a store that carries citric acid. THanks for the help!
  • Melissa jones Melissa jones on Jun 26, 2013
    my daughter hd same prob. She use mr clean bathroom eraser with good results
  • Margotrice Margotrice on Jun 27, 2013
    The glass cooktop cleaner worked great! Thanks for all the help!
  • Kat =^.^= Kat =^.^= on Jun 27, 2013
    wow great ideas here, but well ive always used vinegar, white, and a green scrubbie thing, lots of sweat and the elbow really hurts afterwards! lol sorry but when cleaning i must have a sense of humor! and oh start at the top! the vinegar will just keep running down the door! :) good luck!
  • Cinderella99 Cinderella99 on Nov 17, 2015
    . mixed equal parts vinegar and Dove or Sunlight and microwave..use in spray bottle..works amazing
  • Margotrice Margotrice on Nov 18, 2015
    Thanks! Dove soap, body wash? Dove makes a lot of products.
  • Cinderella99 Cinderella99 on Nov 18, 2015
    opps sorry Dove dish soap
  • Jemma Dee Jemma Dee on Dec 06, 2015
    I read that scrubbing with a wet dryer sheet will work. I'm not willing to put that much effort into it! So I ended up using liquid fabric softener (same thing, right?) on a wet sponge and just lightly coated the shower doors. Then immediately clean the doors with glass cleaner. It worked!
  • Rhonda Rhonda on May 03, 2020

    Expoxy grout is hard, can you do anything or just throw it away?

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 21, 2021

    Use a cleaner for removing Calcium Deposits and Soap Scum.

  • Dmholt4391 Dmholt4391 on Dec 31, 2021

    I've read sometime on here that you can use WD-40 to keep it from sticking to the glass doors.