Do You Clean Your Bathroom Fan?

I was curious to see if there was any dirt in my bathroom fan. After all, it is in the ceiling. When I took off the cover I was shocked to find dead insects falling down and the fins were coated with years of dust. I tried a hand vacuum, but that did not work, so I took an old toothbrush and started on these fins. It took a long time to get them clean, but I was able to get a semblance of clean. I will tackle them again in a few days.
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  • Donna Szabo Donna Szabo on Feb 25, 2017
    Good Luck

  • Ellen Gregory Ellen Gregory on Feb 26, 2017
    I would use something mildly abrasive, such as baking soda. The problem is, it is not just dust. It's dust that was moistened by steam from the shower. If you use hair spray, spray deodorant or any other kind of aerosol under it, you also have that sticky substance gluing the dust on. Now that you know what is up there, you might find it easier to do it more often.

  • Flora Lape Flora Lape on Feb 26, 2017
    use sos pads -easier and alot faster

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Feb 27, 2017
    This makes me want to run right now and clean out my bathroom fan. Excellent points. Thanks for the tips!!

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 27, 2017
    Thank you! So helpful!!!

  • Carey Carey on Feb 27, 2017
    For a while, we had a honey bee colony in the corner of our house near the Bathroom fan. Every once in a while, one would come in through it. Then they disappeared and yellow Jackets replaced them. That was a real problem, as we never knew when or where we could find a yellow jacket. They seem to have moved on now, thankfully and we didn't do anything to extricate them. IT was not a good option since we would have had to practically tear our house apart to remove them.

  • Karen Ellison Karen Ellison on Feb 28, 2017
    Look on UTUBE on how to remove the grill than soak it in a sink, then you can use brushes to clean. After that vacaum as much dust and dirt off of fan than remove fan assembly most plug in then you can clean fan blades

  • Swinnen Lisette Swinnen Lisette on Mar 02, 2017
    I had to learn the hard way. Mine was so dirty it started to make a screeching noise. Too late, I had to replace it.

  • Linda Partridge Linda Partridge on Mar 03, 2017
    Take them down and wash in hot soapy water,let dry good before putting back on.