Help please?

I make jewelry to sell and I have well over 100 bead boxes etc. I need something to store all of my jewelry making item in so I don't have to pull each bead box out to get the the bottom box etc. Would anyone have an easy project for me? Right now I have a table sat up in my living room where I do my beading and watch TV with my husband. I do have a small bedroom off the living room if this helps. Thanks, Sue
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  • Gra202278 Gra202278 on Jan 22, 2014
    I set up an old library index card file. Got it at an auction for 50.00. Solid wood lots of deep even drawers. Took a labelmaker and organized by color and type. but for my now projects i pick the things I will use and need on hand and use a large fold open tackle box.Fill it with what I need from card file and use a serving tray on my lap with a piece of velvet on it to kep things from bouncing and rolling. Hope that helps. Works for me.

  • Terri Parra Terri Parra on Jan 22, 2014
    Hi I have a book shelve filled with plastic bins to put everything on right next to my chair and table that I bead on everything is right there and accessible to grab and use and put away when done it is very helpful

  • Z Z on Jan 22, 2014
    Susan, what size boxes do your have your supplies in? Are they all the same size? Would multiples fit inside a shoe box?

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    • Z Z on Jan 23, 2014
      @Susan those wouldn't fit into most shoe boxes, but Bankers Boxes would work. I recently got a six pack at Target in their office supply area for just $11.97, which is the best price I've seen anywhere. The inside dimensions (10"H x 12"W x 15"D) should work well for your containers. My guess is each box could hold six or maybe even seven of your bead containers standing on their backs (hinged side). If they did fit seven (and they should since 1.37 x 7 = 9.59 give room for fingers to grab each container) you'd only need one pack. There's plenty room on the front to label to write the contents. To make it even easier open each container and take a photo that can be printed out and hung on the front of the box inside page protectors using those gold paper thingies that no one knows the name of to secure them to the front of the box. They have the little button like tops. Anyway... that way you know for sure what's in there. The boxes than can be stored in the spare bedroom on a bookshelf for easy access.

  • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Jan 23, 2014
    I also do a lot of beading (gifts for family) and have sooo many beads that we are designing and building a custom cabinet (based on library index card / apothecary chest) that way I can make the drawers as large or small as I like. And with the index pull I can label color/size/style beads etc. in that drawer will make it so much easier to find (my hope is to have drawers for each color and type bead at least--like bicones blues all sizes in drawer in their containers , clear jars or small square boxes labeled on top with sizes ) If I could find a library file or apothecary chest that were not outrageous in price, would just use those.

  • Susan Jackson Susan Jackson on Jan 23, 2014
    Thank you, now I need to find one.

  • Susan Jackson Susan Jackson on Jan 23, 2014
    I think my stone beads would warp the boards. Thank you

  • Gini Gini on Jan 19, 2016
    Interesting how we each have our own idea. I have cookie tin boxes that are labeled, red, green, purple, black, coral, turquoise, filler beads, etc. Each like strands are in a Baggie and labeled with price I paid, where and when purchased. Then each bag has a number. Because I was actively building a business I went one step further and did a spreadsheet. It was done by box color and included every Baggie in that box. Size of the beads and what they were. Referring back to my spreadsheet to see just what was available was super easy. Going to a gem show I also took my list. Knew what I paid before and what I already had. Each necklace was numbered and I kept a list of what was on hand and then a complete list. Hope this helps you and good luck. Oh, I also took a picture of each necklace.