I need help organizing my craft room

I live in a trailer/modular home and have a guest bedroom that has been pre-setup to be a craftroom. It has a set in countertop (can't be moved), a small closet with shelves, shelves space underneath, a desk, and I've 2 sewing machines there inside. Now I desperately needed help to organize everything. I want to know where I have everything and keep it that way. I do sewing, quilting cross stitch, ceramic & wood craft, painting, beading, ornaments, and supplies for all of them. Can any one help me? I am not sure how to upload a videos of the room, but I will try.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 18, 2016
    I would start with separating your different craft supplies.Once you have established that put the smaller items in the clear inexpensive plastic shoes boxes or even the photo boxes that often go on sale for 5for 2 dollars. mark each box with a lable then stack onto of each other in your closet. For the larger items baskets of sort can be used.For other craft storage ideas look at the many posts here on home talk.

  • Cindy Cindy on Apr 18, 2016
    I put pegboard on 1 whole wall of my craft room and inexpensive walmart bookcases on another wall. This add sooooo much storage! Dollar store is great for bins and boxes to store things. They can all be hooked to the peg board. I took all of my fabric, I sew too, and folded it over scraps of cardboard and "shelved" it in the bookcases organized by color group. Good luck!

  • Rosalyn Harwood Rosalyn Harwood on Apr 18, 2016
    I also have pegboard and an inspiration wall where I put ideas I am working on. I have an old door that is put on legs so that I might use it to cut patterns or to knit with a view of the outside. On the other wall is my sewing machine and a table that was a lady's vanity and shelves on the wall for supplies and beads and such..The closet holds bins with yarn and fabric and half finished projects.

  • Deb Byers Deb Byers on Apr 18, 2016
    Clear plastic over-the-door shoe organizers are great for tools and supplies so they are easy to see and access. You can put one on each side of a closet door, and one on the back of the door to the room. Look into putting inexpensive upper cabinets over your countertop. I bought some from a closeout sale for $5 each and my hubby put them up for me. I bought clear plastic covered bins from Walmart and filled them with fabric, notions, etc. We left a short space between the cupboards and the ceiling so I can store my cutting mats on top of the cabinets. My hubby also built a shelf (but you could use pre-made) for above one side of my L-shaped desk and I put ribbons, seam binding, trims, etc., in mason jars on those shelves. L-shapes are great...I also have a sewing table with a pull-out section that makes an L so that both sewing machines can be accessed from one seat to save space.

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    • Laurajo Hanus Laurajo Hanus on Apr 19, 2016
      @Deb Byers I've removed closeet door so I don't have to fight getting in closet, I do have a storage hanger over door to room with my stableizer's and interfacing rolls, I guess I need to take everything out and start from scratch. It can be over whelming when I have limit ability of doing the work physically because of my back.

  • MN Mom MN Mom on Apr 18, 2016
    Identifying the contents of the storage boxes is key. If you have things grouped (paints, tapes, ribbons) etc the area will function much better. Plastic over the door shoe hanger pockets are wonderful for sorting and storing.

  • Deb Byers Deb Byers on Apr 18, 2016
    Sam Bo - I have a glass L-shaped computer desk that came from Staples. The left side is against the wall and the right sticks out into the room to divide it into paper crafting and sewing areas. I measured the width of the glass between the metal supports on the desk to figure out how wide to make the shelf. I had a lot of wide-mouth Mason jars (available at Walmart by the dozen, or at thrift stores), so I measured the quart ones and used those for ribbons sorted by color. I bought plastic screw-on tops for all of the jars so they would be easy to open and close. I believe the vertical space between the bottom shelves is 8" to allow the jars some head room (I wish now I had made one or two more shelves with that much space, but we made them a little shorter, so I have to use smaller jars). We made it as tall as I could comfortably reach while standing in front of the desk, so I have room for the half-gallon size jars on the top. My hubby built the shelving out of 2 x 6 boards, I believe. He screwed it into the wall at the top so it wouldn't tip and all the weight wouldn't be solely resting on the glass desk. He put small boards on the front of each shelf so things wouldn't just slide off. We painted it all black to match the desk. Underneath that side of the desk is an Iris cart that holds things like adhesives and cutting tools, and a paper storage cart I got from someone on Craigslist. The tall cart to the left is two Iris carts stacked to hold crafting items like punches and chipboard and distressing tools. I love the Mason jar storage for beads and buttons and chandelier crystals...just about anything stores well in jars. I'm glad you like it

  • Abbie Abbie on Apr 18, 2016
    I used comic book "boards" for my fabric. They are thick pieces of cardstock that are a little bit narrower than a piece of paper. I wrap my fabric stash around those. Then I have a wall that is pegboard to organize my different rulers and quilting tools. My son and I rigged a cutting table out of two bookcases and a prefinished table top from Menard's. In addition to that I have three sets of cubby shelving units with 8 cubbies a piece. The ones that have the fabric bins that fit in the sections. I keep all of my fabric, yarn, cross stitch and other various supplies in the bins. I have each bin labeled with chalkboard signs so I know where everything is. I also have curtain rods mounted on the wall behind the door to store all my ribbons and washi tape. My craft room was once upon a time the front porch area of our house that has been enclosed to become part of the inside. Because it is so bright in there during the day I don't want my fabrics out on shelves because they would fade in the sunlight. It's a small room that has to double as my office space and my sewing/craft room. I have to find creative ways to make the most use of the space. It's a work in progress. but slowly it is getting there.

  • Laurajo Hanus Laurajo Hanus on Apr 19, 2016
    thank you this is as close as it will come. Not able to do peg board because all wall's are already covered with shelves, have a built in L shape counter cut into wall. I guess i'll have to just sort asJanet Pizaro suggested. I've contrainers already also need to use what I've already have and not spend anymore money. Thank you for your help. will post after completed.

  • Amanda Amanda on Apr 20, 2016
    Hi I have a small craft cupboard room so can relate. I have sorted everything and put like with like, stored in plastic boxes and labelled on the front so it's easy to find what I need. For example I have a box labelled 'Fasteners' that has drawing pins, staplers, glues etc, anything that fastens. I have quite a few stacked small storage boxes on a bookcase then under my desk I have a few large clear plastic storage boxes with larger collections of craft stuff. One for needle felting stuff, one for art supplies. I've put a gingham curtain under the desk to hide the boxes. A cork board for ideas and projects is handy too, cover it or paint it to match your colour scheme. Hope you enjoy your craft room. My main tips would be - store like with like and label your storage. It's so nice to find what you need quickly because it's organised. Before I sorted mine I wasted so much time searching for things - it drove me mad 😊 xx