How can I turn a small walk in closet to a craft center

I have a lot of fabric and patterns, card making and stamps supply.
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  • Colleen Colleen on Feb 23, 2015
    If you do a search on here you'll find lots of posts on this topic. Pinterest is a fantastic place to search as well. The main thing would be to make good use of the wall space in there....go 'up' for storage. I think the pegboard idea is brilliant. A few examples: and: Place a desk in there or mount a piece of melamine as your counter top workspace and add some portable drawer units or filing cabinets underneath to store your patterns. Just some ideas to start you off. Have fun!

  • LYNN LYNN on Feb 23, 2015
    Pegboard is a wonderful product for crafters. I am still working on my craft room and have used pegboard on three walls so far. I love it and you can paint it any color you want. Try it for a small area too.

  • Barb Burnham Barb Burnham on Feb 23, 2015
    Without knowing the configuration and dimensions it is impossible to give valuable guidance.

    • Son1335804 Son1335804 on Mar 15, 2015
      My closet space is 86" long by 66"wide.The crony for its,28" in the middle 19", on each side of the door

  • Doris Hare Doris Hare on Mar 15, 2015
    Would encourage you to remove the door, install curved shower rod above door frame and select a shower curtain or make your own. It adds the illusion of space. Provide a photo or dimensions for further advice.

  • Doris Hare Doris Hare on Mar 15, 2015
    Additionally what kind of crafting are you doing?

  • Kristen Larsen Kristen Larsen on Mar 15, 2015
    I use an over sized double closet for my sewing room. I have two upright bookcases for fabrics and notions. I keep thread on a wall type bobbin holder, ribbon and I keep my ironing board set up in there so it's handy. At one time I even had a desk in there. It was a tight fit but it worked. I have boxes for covered storage and some open containers. I also have one of those clip on lights on one bookcase. My closet doors open out and fold back on themselves so they're out of the way. It's great because I can close it off in a hurry if I don't want to put an ongoing project away. Hope this helped