Year-Round Beauty: How to Create a Timeless Mesh Blessed Wreath

Nick Kreticos
by Nick Kreticos

Welcome to my wreath crafting tutorial, where I'll show you how to create a timeless and beautiful Blessed Wreath.

This comprehensive tutorial will walk you through the art of crafting a versatile mesh wreath that can grace your home's entrance throughout the year, regardless of the season or event.

Whether you're a wreath-making novice or a seasoned enthusiast, join me on this crafting adventure as we transform a roll of mesh into an enchanting decorative wreath.

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Tools and Materials

Cut strips of mesh

1. Prepare the Mesh

Start by laying out your roll of mesh on a self-healing mat.

To cut the mesh, use a rotary cutter for the cleanest edges, but sharp scissors will also work. Ensure that your cuts are precise and free from jagged edges.

Transform a roll of mesh into a timeless blessed wreath

We'll be cutting approximately 10 to 15 pieces, each measuring around 16 to 18 inches in length.

This same process applies to the champagne shimmery mesh; simply unroll it and trim it to a similar length of 16 to 18 inches (these pieces do not need to be precut as you will determine the amount needed as you attach them later on in the process).

Evergreen wreath frame

2. Setting Up the Base

For your wreath's foundation, you'll need a 24-inch evergreen wreath form. These are readily available and budget-friendly. These evergreen forms work beautifully year-round.

Create a ruffle

3. Crafting Mesh Ruffles

Take your cut mesh pieces, pinch them in the middle, and start gathering them towards you.

Crafting mesh bow ties

This technique creates ruffles, resembling bow ties.

Place mesh ruffles on the evergreen form

Begin placing these mesh ruffles onto your wreath frame.

Use the pine tips to tie the mesh pieces the the wreath form

Use the wreath's pine tips as twist ties to secure them on the frame.

Using the curl technique on the champagne colored mesh

4. Adding Champagne Shimmery Mesh

Now, it's time to introduce the champagne shimmery mesh. This time, employ a different technique I like to call "the curl."

Mesh curled into a tube shape

Roll the mesh over itself to form a tube-like piece.

Neaten the top and bottom edges of the tube

Make sure to flatten the top and bottom of the tube to keep the curl even and neat.

Step-by-step wreath crafting tutorial

Pinch the middle of the tube and place the champagne mesh pieces sporadically throughout the wreath.

Year-round wreath decorating ideas

There's no need to cut an exact amount of these, so it’s a good idea to cut from the roll as you go.

Wreath design with mesh

Trust your creative instincts, placing as many curls as you feel are appropriate.

Wooden sign with the words Blessed

5. Incorporating Decorative Elements

Enhance your wreath design charm by adding decorative elements.

Secure a sign, such as one that says "blessed," which is perfect for holidays such as Thanksgiving.

How to make a mesh wreath

Thread pipe cleaners through the hooks at the back of the sign.

DIY wreath

Next, you need to secure the sign to the metal part of the wreath form using the pipe cleaners. This step is crucial to prevent sagging over time.

Attach the wood sign to the wreath

Always attach heavy items to the metal frame for the most robust reinforcement.

Using berries in wreath decorations

6. Decorating with Berries and Sunflowers

Now, it's time to infuse your wreath with the vibrancy of off-cream and green berries.

Use hot glue to place the berries throughout the wreath

Use a glue skillet or gun to attach the berries securely.

Sunflowers for year-round wreath designs

Add white sunflowers to the mix, but remember to cut their stems short.

Glue sunflowers to the wreath

Glue them randomly throughout the wreath for a natural, unplanned appearance.

Ribbon embellishments for wreaths

7. Final Touch with a Ribbon Bow

Complete your masterpiece by adding a charming ribbon bow. Opt for a neutral lace burlap ribbon. Create a bow with two loops and longer tails.

Use a pipe cleaner to hold your ribbon together

Twist a pipe cleaner around the middle of the ribbon to hold it together.

Dovetailing ribbon in wreath making

To give your wreath a professional finish, don't forget to dovetail the ribbon ends.

Attach the ribbon

Secure it to the wreath with pipe cleaners.

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Neutral Blessed wreath

Seasonal Blessed Wreath Tutorial

And there you have it—your beautiful and versatile Blessed Wreath is ready to grace your front door. While it's perfect for fall, its neutral tones and timeless design make it suitable for year-round use.

Feel free to let your creativity shine by adding your personal touches and adapting it to match your unique style.

Feeling inspired? I'd love to hear from you! Share your thoughts and your own wreath creations in the comments below. Your creativity could be the inspiration someone else needs.

Nick Kreticos
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