Help with naughty doggie !

my adorable 5 year old dog is very spoiled! he was perfectly happy for the 9 hours I was away at work and never peed on the carpet. He went out before o went to work and again when I returned home and that was fine with him! However, ever since I retired 2 years ago, and was home all day with him, he has become difficult every time I go out without him! every time I return, even if it's only for an hour, he has peed on my carpet. Is there anything I can spray on the carpet to keep him from leaving me these "revenge puddles"I know there is a spray you can get from the pet store, but the smell of that gives ME a headache! I am so tired of steam cleaning once a week!!
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  • Gma Kirk Gma Kirk on Feb 16, 2017
    I would first check with your vet, just to make sure it's not a medical issue that coincidentally came up around the same time. then, if that's ruled out, you may want to consider crating him if you aren't gone for a really long time. (I know people who crate their dogs all day while at work, which I personally wouldn't want to do) Good luck!

  • Libby Libby on Feb 16, 2017
    Oh Lynda we feel for you!
    Our 16-17 year old Shorty Jack was making life miserable!
    Now we buy baby diapers for 10 cents a piece. We put a two inch(?) slit in the diaper for her tail, with a little V at the end.
    I put child's onesies on her and various puppy diaper covers found on Amazon. (Could sew own). Covers help diapers stay on, otherwise the diaper moves with sitting and movement.

    To our surprise she loves them. She never gets scolded anymore. She's not confined to a cage. We are all enjoying her life, knowing her days are limited. What a blessing!
    Our chihuahua now wears them occasionally. It amazes me that she doesn't even try to remove them.
    Hope this helps

    • Lynda Grainger Lynda Grainger on Feb 17, 2017
      That's a great idea! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I'll give it a try

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Feb 17, 2017
    Have you tried training pads you can get at the pet store? I had the same problem. It is from separation anxiety. The pads have a sented area in the middle where they are attracted to when they need to go. You place them on the floor. They will be drawn there and go there. They are water proof. Put them in an area where it would be easier for you, on tile for example. Since they are water proof this should be the best if there is any "mistake".

    • None None on Feb 20, 2017
      I agree with your suggestion but I would add to get a baby gate and confine the dog to the kitchen or even bathroom along with the pee pad. Crating (which I hate) needs to be started as puppies.

  • Tammy Hawkins Tammy Hawkins on Feb 18, 2017
    I agree, check with your Vet. Either way get some Pee Pads. My dog was on super-super benadryl for allergies. Side effect is massive thurst and of course MASSIVE urination. My work hours were long and erratic, I could not get her outside while she was on this medication. I got the extra large dog Pee Pads. She was a 60 lb Siberian Husky and could she P! I would put four in the spot she decided she was going to use. After a time I put a rubber sheet under it as the Cat tried to help the dog by covering "it" up and would move the Pee Pads. Fun days those were not, but she used them right away and once she was off the medication, she was back to normal.

  • Zhanna Zhanna on Feb 19, 2017
    After wadding up some paper towels and placing them on the spot, step on the towels to blot up as much pee as you can. You might have to do this a few times. Then mix two parts water to one part Rug Doctor Odor Eliminator, shaking the bottle really well first, and pour this liberally on the spot. Make sure it soaks the spot well. Then leave it alone. There are live enzymes in this stuff that, as long as they stay wet, will "eat" anything organic. This mixture also works on all kinds of red wine, mud, etc. You can get this stuff for less than $5 per bottle wherever they rent the Rug Doctor machine. Make sure you get Odor Eliminator, not the stuff for urine...go figure!