How can I make a simple Catio when I have a few physical limitations?

Hi everyone! I have some physical impairments and limitations and would like to build a small catio for my hyper-active yet skiddish kitty!
I would like to be able to set it outside the basement/ground level windows, so I can just set it up, open the window and remove the screen so she can crawl in/out, without me worrying about an escape!
I'm thinking that I don't really want a pen with a roof, but something light-weight and portable, and is it possible to somehow put hinges on it to be able to collapse it so I could put it against other windows or even the patio door??
I'm thinking that since she's so skiddish, I don't need it to be a stand-alone pen as she's going to need immediate access to the house for when she's spooked.
I greatly appreciate any/all the help you could give me to be able to make this for her! Thank you!! jill

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  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on May 16, 2018
    Why not get a collapsible dog crate. Get a larger one so she has a little room. Then leave the door open and tied to the window

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    • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jun 08, 2018
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