How do I create a barrier for new kitten?

Carol Stojan
by Carol Stojan

Want to use only 4’ X 4’ area at 2 nd bedroom entry for kitty litter box & food. Need one 20” X 3 ft barrier plus 44” X 3 ft wall/barrier. It must not be material kitty can climb. Also must be able to open or unlatch for adult to enter room upon occasion. Any ideas? Mine, so far:1-metal shelving zip tied 2-cedar lattice with plastic runner staples to it (could later use in garden)..

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  • Rymea Rymea on Dec 09, 2018

    Cats can jump over a 4' high barrier, probably over 5'. You might think in terms of a top for it.

  • Not to be mean, but you might think of rehoming the kitty. Having them confined to such a small place can make them depressed and distressed and develop behavioral problems. They need to run, jump and play just like cats do in the wild. Yes cats sleep a lot, but they also need a lot of visual stimulation. Either baby proof the house or rehome where they will get the attention they need to be properly socialized. Instead you might consider rescuing an older kitty that is more mellow and provide them the love they need in their golden years.

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    • So welcome Carol! Hope it works out. Feeding time here is a riot. I have 6 cats, 3 dogs, sometimes the neighbors 3 dogs, sometimes my ex hubsters 3 dogs, or visiting dogs and a canary and a dragon. I used a playpen for the cats when they first arrived so that they felt safe from the dogs (which I feed in another room), but it's been almost 3 years now, they could care less. The dogs and cats pile on the bed and sleep with me. Keep us posted on what worked best for you. Happy holidays! 🍭🎄☃️

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Dec 09, 2018

    A mesh netting, like thd net on a Ping pong table should work and unlike Chicken Wire, it will not enable your pet to harm itself.