How to build outdoor cat shelter and feeding station?

by Ora13080541
would like to build safe outdoor shelter for feral cats to keep them safe and warm in winter months and a feeding station to keep cat food dry on a budget please

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  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Mar 28, 2018

    Hello. Here are several options for you to build a cat shelter for feral cats. Click on the link below to view. Good luck!

  • Carol Thomas Carol Thomas on Mar 28, 2018

    I made some this winter from lidded totes. I was tickled that the cats were using them within days. Here is where I got the ideas.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Mar 28, 2018

    Although it is admirable that you want to help the feral cats, check first with your town hall/county office. Some municipalities have bylaws against having structures for this purpose on your property.

    Perhaps you could put your time and energy into volunteering at your local SPCA instead.

  • Walba T Walba T on Mar 28, 2018

    Before you invest a lot of time, please see who in your area can do a TNR for you.

    Trap, neuter, release will do wonders for your cat community. If the original cats come home, they will stick around and "patrol" the area, so you won't have more cats coming in. Also, since there will be no more kittens, you won't have the wailing and fighting that comes around mating time.

    We have a group in our area that will trap the kitties for you, you pay for the neutering and shots, then they are returned. They will be home and will hang around.

    I've made shelters out of my Amazon boxes since cardboard can be a good insulator. I put a smaller box inside a larger one, but filled in the area between them with cardboard from other boxes. I put beds inside the inner box and then covered the entire thing with some really large plastic bags I got from, where else, Amazon. I built awnings for some and used smaller box pieces to make entryways. They have been working pretty well. I also used flat boxes in the big bags to make "walls" to block the wind and rain from getting onto the deck from the sides.

    This is probably more info than you might have wanted, so I didn't include the fact that depending on your area, you might have raccoons and possums attend your feeding area.

    I know folks might think I'm crazy, but every animal that comes up to eat is given the lesson that everyone is welcome and it is a no fuss zone.

    So far it works!


  • Jody Jody on Mar 28, 2018

    Do NOT feed cats outdoors! You are also feeding raccoons and skunks, which have rabies and other diseases!