Is there any way to keep cats off the Christmas Tree?

We have a 6 month old cat/kitten. We've had him since he was just weaned from his mom, so he now thinks he rules the house. He thinks he must investigste everything and anything. My wall adhesivie decal is now glued to the wall because the cat thought the letters looked better on my pillows instead of up on the wall. So before I go spend money on the real Christmas Tree that I've been wanting to get for several Christmases now, I hope to get ideas that will work to keep our cat king not interested in bothering it, especially after it's decorated.

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  • Awe you have a baby! You need to train them! Get the real tree, use only non breakable ornaments and have a jolly good time. Anchor to the wall so when he does climb it, it won't tip over. Mine (I have 6) like to move the faux presents under the tree and hide. If you do not put up a tree he will never learn. Go on Pinterest to see how many "cat in the Christmas tree" photos are out there . . . Millions!

  • Suzette Suzette on Dec 12, 2017
    Hi Jennifer, Here's a link that may help:

    Good luck!

  • Peg Peg on Dec 12, 2017
    Training a Kitten is so much
    When I had the same problem a friend of mine suggested I use a spray bottle filled with water and spray it toward the kitten any time it went near the tree. Bingo it worked only after a few strays. Its worth a try.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 12, 2017
    Face it.... this Christmas... you probably can't.....he's a baby.... and a kitten....
    just make sure that the tree is well anchored so it won't fall over... put the non-breakable ornaments close to the bottom and put the heirloom, irreplaceable ones away for this year... Hang sleigh bells on and in the tree so you know when he is in there.... and prepare to laugh til your sides ache.
    One year many years ago... we had 8 wk old and 5 month old kittens... they smelled like pine all Christmas... as Ace was in the tree more that he was out of it... his little stocking looked like it had been thru a war... and we found it all over the house...we laughed so hard.
    LET HIM PLAY.... and get ready for the show.

  • Ta Ta on Dec 12, 2017
    I had a cat that decided to lay in the window over my sink. I put a small bowl of ammonia on the counter and the cat never jumped on my counter again, let alone the window.

  • Sallie Wolff Sallie Wolff on Dec 12, 2017
    I have used clear plastic wrap on the very bottom branches (away from lights so it does not melt) so it is not easy for him to climb up the trunk or the those bottom branches.
    I have also used essential oils like citronella, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass or orange. In a spray bottle fill with water & a few drops of one of the essential oils it will not only repel your cat but it will also keep other critters & bugs away. All of them will help you feel refreshed and assist with keeping those coughs away.