Asked on Nov 25, 2015

Keeping outdoor cats warm

by Wdm2077467
Dose anyone know how to make a self heating pad for animals to use outdoors and indoors? Thanks.
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  • Carol Perkins Carol Perkins on Nov 25, 2015
    I need help, also.
  • Yvette Yvette on Nov 25, 2015
    Me too.
  • Bill Bill on Nov 26, 2015
    I am not 100% sure if this is what you are looking for, but I have seen a few in the pet store or magazines for pet supplies. They are beds that they say work to keep pets warm when cold and cooler when they are hot. The same bed, it works both ways. Sometimes they can be a bit expensive. Look around before you buy. Good luck.
  • Connie Durham Connie Durham on Nov 26, 2015
    connie Mesa, Az. I don't know for sure but using my thinking cap, the thought of using the emergency space blankets inside a washable slipcase could work. Just a random thought.
  • Vbi1409309 Vbi1409309 on Nov 26, 2015
    You will need to get 2 totes, 1 larger and 1 that fits inside the other with enough room to put a layer of styrofoam insulation between them. Don't forget to place some on the bottom between the totes. Cut a door in both totes to line up, making it about the size of a cat. In the bottom of the inside tote place straw for nesting. Put the inside tote lid on, place a layer of insulation on top of that and then put the larger lid on. Put it outside in a wind protected area and the kitties are all set.
  • Jennie Herrick Jennie Herrick on Nov 26, 2015
    If you are looking to make some kind of bedding for outside cats, the best thing you can do would be to take a couple warm blankets and sandwich them together with an "emergency blanket" (you know, one of those really thin mylar space blankets) in the center of the sandwich. Then see the blankets together. You can make the blankets/beds/mats any size you wish, just be sure you have the three layers in the order of blanket, Mylar blanket, blanket. The Mylar blanket is made to reflect the body heat back to whoever is using it, so there's no reason it shouldn't work in this application. The blankets won't be washable in a washing machine, but can be hand washed and then hung to drip drain and dry. Don't wring them or you will rip the Mylar. Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!!! Grammy Jennie
  • Jane Bowers Jane Bowers on Nov 26, 2015
    Similar to vbienek's response, I recently saw on FB a pic of a plastic bin (tote) that had a pet door installed on it, and inside was a pet bed on the floor of the bin and looked like some sort of quilted blanket around the inside "walls".
  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Nov 26, 2015
    I gotta different idea that might work better & it's cheaper to engineer. GET a cardboard box about the size of a dishwasher box. Turn it on its side & tape the top, left side & bottom flaps down into place. Cut off the right side flap. GET an old extra thick blanket or quilt & begin to hot glue it onto the outside of the box all the way around it. Put the box in a place where the wind's not very bad & gets the afternoon sun (to keep it warm the rest of the night) & put a kitty-size sleeping bed inside in the far back corner. Now, introduce your cats to it. They will instinctively go into the box on cold nights & their fur will keep them warm enough while the blanketed box will insulate them from the wind & cold. NOTE: If you have several cats & some of them don't get along, you may havta build more than 1 box so each cat can have its own space & not fight with each other. GOOD LUCK! :)
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    • Judy Huppert Judy Huppert on Nov 26, 2015
      I have a number of outside cats and therefore have many outdoor winter cat houses. I got litter boxes with the tall lids, covered them with old vinyl/felt table cloths ad put baby blankets and afghans I got at the thrift store. inside. Plus I have a deck they love to get under. I put vinyl down on the deck floor so the rain wouldn't drip through. Low growing plants on either side cut out the wind too.
  • Vbi1409309 Vbi1409309 on Nov 26, 2015
    No, I mean the plastic storage totes. Sorry I didn't explain that.
  • Cheri Cheri on Nov 26, 2015
    Just a word of warning about using blankets or any cloth to keep outdoor animals warm. It will draw the heat away from the animal and it can freeze to death if it is too cold. I unfortunately speak from experience. We live between 2 farms and have several outdoor cats on our property. We have built shelters for the cats and use plastic kennels, and plastic totes to help keep them warm. I line the beds with thick Styrofoam then use a silver covered bubble wrap on top of that and line it completely around the inner tote with straw. Straw is very reasonably priced and is a great insulator.
  • Mac Mac on Nov 26, 2015
    Well its actually more important to provide a space that is out of the wind and dry, my barn cats make a bed out of hay and straw and stay very warm
  • Victoria Victoria on Nov 26, 2015
    The cat shelter I volunteer at uses normal cat or dog houses and 'winterizes' them by putting styrofoam-type insulation on the outside and then coving it with heavy, clear vinyl. It's important that you use fleece blankets on the inside as they won't get damp.
  • Shawn Brockhoff Maxwell Shawn Brockhoff Maxwell on Nov 26, 2015
    Look on line at Alley Cat Allies or other cat rescue houses that are made for feral cats.. Usually one plastic container within another larger one with insulation or straw on the bottom and sides between the two. Do not use blankets or hay as they get wet, freeze and do not retain heat or act as an insulation. Cut a small hole in the end of each for entrance. A flap of fabric can be taped over the opening to retain more heat once the cats are used to entering and exiting. There are also ones mad out of inexpensive Styrofoam coolers but make sure to weight down so they don't blow away. The plastic containers also can be used for feeding stations with fresh water and food daily.
  • Vbi1409309 Vbi1409309 on Nov 27, 2015
    Just make sure the inside tote is at least 1 inch smaller on all sides to allow for the foam insulation. More would be better.
  • Gwen Gwen on Nov 27, 2015
    We went to the pet store and bought a very small doghouse and a small bed that looks like faux sheepskin. Our cat had to be taught to sleep in it by the food bowl inside but one night my husband added a towel for extra warmth. The towel was totally icy later on but the bed we bought stayed warm. It is washable. We don't use it in the summer. I'm amazed at how warm it is inside and how happy our cat is. He'd gotten to where he sprayed everything inside or the garage so this helped us all. Just remember. Get the faux sheep wool bed. Add no other bedding!
  • Mogie Mogie on May 16, 2023

    They sell outdoor heating pads for dogs and cats check out amazon.