How do I make an aquarium?


Would u please post any aquaruium ideas t

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  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Nov 27, 2018

    Bernard don't know exactly what you're looking for but here's a couple of websites with some ideas

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Nov 27, 2018

    Again, what do you want to do with the aquarium, we need to have more info in order to give you suggestions.

  • It is not up to Hometalk what gets posted. They only highlight projects that people contribute.

    What do you want to do with your aquarium?

    There is always Google!

  • BOB.D. BOB.D. on Nov 28, 2018

    If you are going to put water and fish in it , cheaper and easier to buy at pet store . Walmart PetSmart Petco check them out .

  • Bernard Bernard on Nov 28, 2018

    Ideas on home made stuff ,ad daptations of anything aquarium related ,like ,say 1000 and1,tricks and timesavers,etc

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Nov 28, 2018

    Get easy to clean filters. I use only Fluval Aqua Clear filters after years of trying many other brands and types of filters. The are easy to clean and last for years. I always over filter my aquariums, it keeps the water so clear and filter cleaning is less often .. On my 75 and ninety gallon tanks I have two 110 filters. I refuse the filter material in the pumps for quite some time, just rinse well when they get dirty. They are made to be reused and replaced only so often. It is a three stage filter that is layered in a removable cage for ease of removing. If you have lots of fake greens in your tank and the fish move or pull them out of the gravel all the time, you can weight them down easily by putting aquarium silicone in the plastic mount and filling it with the gravel you have in the tank to weight it down. You need to be careful with what decorations are put in a tank that fish will be in. If you use wood or rocks from around the yard you could introduce something that may kill your fish. You are better off decorating your tanks over time and getting what is made to be safe for fish. The silky green artificial plants do not last very long before they start to deteriorate. They look great for a while, then break down fast. You are better off with the plastic type. You can use aquarium silicone to glue together aquarium rocks to make an arrangement, or just place them together into a stable arrangement. Get one large focal piece, but not one that will take up too much room so that you can't fit in anything else. The artificial woods last forever and stay looking nice. Build your décor for the tank from there, it is much easier to do that way. As far as fish, do not put aggressive fish and the regular schooling fish together in one tank, if you are into cichlids, just have cichlids, even then you may find you end up with one or two super aggressive that will eat or kill off other fish. One exception is Angel fish, they are more semi aggressive and will work as long as they are the last fish added to the tank. They can be territorial and not want fish added after they are in the tank. I have had them kill off fish when I added them too early. Get good fish food, some make the water cloudy. Make sure you get an algae cleaner and cat fish (I use more than one catfish in larger tanks. If you have a smaller tank, get an algae eater ( I use Placos) that will not get real big, the normal cheaper ones can get up to eighteen inches. Make sure you get a good heater for the size of the tank and make sure it is set right for the temp the fish will live in the best. I hope some of this helps you, Bernard, if you have other questions, just ask!