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I have a peep hole in the middle of my apartment door. I want to hang a mirror on the door. If I use a decorative over the door wreath hanger, and hang the mirror from chain, I can move it out of the way on the rare occasions I need to use peep hole. How do I stop the mirror from flopping when I open & close the door, that still allows me to move it out of the way? There is no way to hang a mirror that won't cover the hole unless I use mirrors on either side of it, which I don't want to do. Thank you. Ilene

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  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Apr 24, 2020

    Hi! I remember seeing a peep hole with a sliding door or piece of art to cover it for privacy. They must have been two separate projects because the door looked like a little barn door that slid into place, and canvas art was hinged. Let .e take a look for one or both and I will post an update.

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    • Ilene Ilene on Apr 24, 2020

      Thank you! I was trying to figure out a way to slide the mirror out of the way. Everything I thought of required nails or screws into the door which I can’t do. I’m still thinking this through; I know there is a solutions. I keep coming back to command strips. Just this moment I’m thinking Velcro, back of mirror & door! Mirror wouldn’t flop around and I could move mirror to use hole. I’ll let you all know the final solution. Stay healthy and safe! Ilene

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 24, 2020

    Hello Ilene,

    Use old wine corks stuck to the back of the mirror!

  • Rymea Rymea on Apr 24, 2020

    You could use little stick on velcro dots to hold it in place

    • Ilene Ilene on Apr 24, 2020

      Thenkbyou!!!just had the same thought. Nothing like a good nights sleep! Stay healthy and safe. Ilene

  • FrugalFamilyTimes.com FrugalFamilyTimes.com on Apr 24, 2020

    Command strips should help with swinging - but you’d need to replace them more often.

  • Betsy Betsy on Apr 24, 2020

    Hi Ilene: You could get a small picture frame, or large, if you prefer, put a hinge on it and attach it to the door. Put in a picture you like. You would then be able to lift it up, or sideways, which ever way you put the hinge, to see out. Remember, people on the outside can look into the peephole from the outside and see into your home. In the meantime, at least put a piece of cloudy tape over the hole. You can get small hinges in a hobby shop, or maybe the home improvement stores. Soome of them sell peep holes for under $10, with a cover. They just unscrew from the inside and slip out, nothing exciting about replacing them :) Good luck

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    • Betsy Betsy on Apr 24, 2020

      Hi Ilene: You can use double sided tape that's removable. I was thinking about something along the lines of a small shadow box with a hinged door. You can mount it over the peep hole, have the front of the door mirrored. You can glue a bead on one side like a door knob:) Here is a site showing how to make a miniature shadow box. Or, you could just make a hinge out of double sided tape for the top of the mirror and maybe hang little bells to the bottom to add weight. The dollar store sells small mirrors in things that look like compacts, and maybe you can just use the double sided tape to attach that and remove the mirror and glue it to the front of the compact. They are pretty cute as they are:)

  • TheHoneycombHome TheHoneycombHome on Apr 24, 2020

    This would be perfect for what you are describing: https://amzn.to/3eNvuoQ

  • Ilene Ilene on Apr 24, 2020

    Thank you! Stay healthy and safe. Ilene

  • Annie Annie on Apr 24, 2020

    Could you use small Command Hooks, one on either side?