Christmas lights

Does christmas outside lights do any damage to the plants that the are on?

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  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Nov 21, 2017
    The newer ones do not get hot. The old fashioned large ones do get hot, and yo have to be careful.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 21, 2017
    No they do not do any damage,as long as they say for exterior

  • No and if they do, you have a short somewhere and the string should be discarded.

  • FL FL on Nov 21, 2017
    "Christmas lights are usually safe to use on plants unless they are left on too long. Some people try to leave the lights on year round and may girdle their trees. Woody trees expand in diameter every year with growth. A strand of lights strung lightly around branches and trunks one year will be strangling the tree in a few years unless removed every year. Palm trees are the exception — their trunks do not increase in diameter every year. Large Christmas lights that become hot may burn tender foliage on indoor plants."
    SO this goes back and forth between discussing outdoor and indoor plants but I think the same rules apply: use lights that don't get hot (old time lights got hot!), do not leave on plants and trees year round, and apply using gentle techniques like old pantyhose sections used to attach lights to branches or a simple but secure draping technique.

  • Amanda Amanda on Nov 21, 2017
    HI Gayle. They will not damage any of the plants.

  • Candy Walsh Candy Walsh on Nov 21, 2017
    If you are using lights that are for outside they won't, and if you think about it we put lights on our Christmas trees and they're safe and dont do any damage.