Where can you get glycerin liquid for snow globes other than online?

by Sandy

Want to make a few snow globes for xmas and cannot find glycerin what else can you use without giong on the computer and ordering it???? Thanks 12-9-19/7:38 PM CST

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  • Hi, Sandy!

    Clear glycerin should be readily available at any pharmacy or discount store. I've used baby oil in handmade snow globes before as an alternative option! I hope this helps!

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    • Hi, Sandy!

      Wow... I actually bought a small bottle of glycerin at WalMart years ago! I believe it was near the herbal supplements or near where Epsom Salts would be located (I honestly don't remember!)... I did a quick internet search, and Glycerin USP came up as the Equate brand from WalMart (go figure!) as well as Walgreens, CVS, GNC and Dollar General! I hope you find it locally but in case you don't, there are several options for ordering it online. :) Good luck!

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Dec 09, 2019

    I would check with area craft stores.

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    • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Dec 10, 2019

      I did a Google search for my area and found it in stock at Walgreens, Walmart, Joann Fabric and CVS. Many chain stores will even tell you what aisle it's in on their website. I often check if something is in stock before driving to a store. Hope that helps.

  • Craft and hobby shop, do you have any in your area? Or a science shop, those are a bit harder to find. I have one and they sell all sorts of off the beaten path type of items.

  • William William on Dec 09, 2019

    Craft store like Michael's, Hobby Lobby. Drug stores or pharmacy in discount store. Baby oil is an option.

    • Sandy Sandy on Dec 10, 2019

      Been to Hobby Lobby Wal Greens drug store and even tried Walmart no luck yet, Michaels is next...Oh Yea Jo Ann Fabrics even has some crafts nothing yet..12-10-19

  • Look in the soap/ candle supply section of the craft store.

  • Sandy Sandy on Dec 10, 2019

    Tried that yesterday nothing in Jo Ann Fabrics in candle making, Thanks 12-10-19

  • Sandy Sandy on Dec 10, 2019

    Bought some Baby oil and I have corn syrup.....DO YOU ADD ANY WATER TO THE MIXTURE? 12-10-19

  • William William on Dec 10, 2019

    I wouldn't use corn syrup. Baby oil yes. Don't add water. Oil and water don't mix. Baby oil will create a floating effect. Some just use distilled water which will create less floating. Do not use tap water.