Window Blinds Reused as Christmas Wall Art

by Shawna
After replacing wooden window blinds, I knew there had to be something they could be turned into. I love using fabrics so I had an idea.
I used nine window blind slats.
I cut strips of my chosen fabrics to cover the slats. I just used hot glue to do this.
use different colors and patterns for contras
Glue fabric tightly around the entire wooden slat.
Arrange slats in the order you want them. I tried two different arrangements. The first one had more of a "flag" look to it. I will use that idea later.
I wanted more of a landscape look for my picture. I have 4 of each fabric slat and one covered in just burlap at the bottom.
Now to hold them together. I didn't want to add a lot of weight. I used a fabric glue and hot glue to adhere strips of felt across the backside. This holds them together, but also allows flexibility and movement (thinking ahead for storage).
I then found silhouettes of the figures I wanted. I printed them up and cut them out. Next was to cut out these figures in fabrics and cloth. Once this was done, I glued them all to the wooden blind fabric covered background.
I went outside and found some sticks. I glued those on for the stable. I then added a way to hang it up. It is now the perfect fitting piece above my fireplace!
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