How to scent pine cones

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 30, 2018

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jun 30, 2018
    The very easiest way is to spray the cones with perfume or room spray. They don’t have to smell like a pine forest. You might want the bake them at 325* for 20 minutes if you picked them up yourself. Those that come in plastic bags are ready to use. You can also put 12 drops of an essential oil on them, then put each cone in a baggie or roll it up in plastic wrap to let the oil soak in. You could also melt scented candles over low heat and then pour the candle wax over the cones like a waterfall, while the cones are sitting in wax paper or aluminum foil. Scented cones can be as versatile as scented candles. Best wishes in making something wonderful even better. ☺️

  • Mellissa Mellissa on Jun 30, 2018
    I once bought a bag of scented pinecones. When I got the m home, the floral (yup, floral! ,not pine) scent was so strong, I eventually threw them away. So, I think you are wise to scent your own. I have never done it, but. I might try essential oil. I'd get a small, inexpensive spray bottle at the local box store, add a few drops of oil and then an ounce of two of water and shake well. Lay out your pine ones on newspaper and mist lightly. Better to have to do it twice than have it too strong. Allow the water to evaporate and dry thoroughly and (maybe) you'll have scented pinecones. Let me know if it works, if you try this.