Any ideas for these vintage lunch trays?

Ashley beall
by Ashley beall
I have about 50 of these vintage plastic lunch trays. Any ideas on what to make with them?
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  • Mitziblueyes Mitziblueyes on Jul 03, 2014
    Picture frame! Paint the tray black and modge podge scrapbook paper or burlap on the openings and put quotes and Picts!! Post whatever u do!!
  • Dee Toomey Dee Toomey on Jul 03, 2014
    I instantly saw picture frames also. But you could use them as ...meal trays. I know...not very original, but I sure would use some as meal trays!
  • Joffler Joffler on Jul 03, 2014
    I like Mitziblueyes' idea. Back in my college days, I had a friend who had one of these--just one--and she kept it on a little table where she had jewelry organized on it. So, if you have a Sihoutte machine (my wife Silhouette's the hell out of everything -- but I have to admit we have the most awesome mailbox on our street) or are talented with paints, you could make a few to sell/auction or gift. I imagine one could use them similarly for a variety of small table/counter top objects like make up, art/craft supplies--i could use one at Christmas time to organize small parts when I'm assembling "assembly required" toys.
  • Nancy Hoffman Nancy Hoffman on Jul 03, 2014
    Use blackboard paint, cover it entirely, add snap shots and label with chalk or make conversation bubbles. Neat for teachers to use in class rooms.
  • Paint them bright colors and use as organizers on a dresser or for other projects, Nails/screws, washers, beads, etc......!
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jul 06, 2014
    I'd keep a few and donate the rest to a school for art classes, or early grades projects. Teachers are very good at using donated items for creative purposes..
  • Gbe364835 Gbe364835 on Jul 06, 2014
    If they can fit in a drawer I would use them to organize office supplies or even hair accessories, but I'm loving the other suggestions above too!
  • JzzE1 JzzE1 on Jan 23, 2015
    I use mine for paint trays for times when I need more than just a little paint but not a whole lot of paint or glue or whatever