What can I do with my metal frame?


I gave a metal frame (mirror broke). Need ideas to fill in the space

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  • Nan W. Nan W. on Nov 12, 2018

    MaryLou: You can hang a wreath in a frame! HAVE FUN!



  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Nov 12, 2018

    Hi MaryLou, empty frames make great blackboards. Just have some board cut to the right size and insert

  • Everything Pretty Everything Pretty on Nov 12, 2018

    Hang a decorated letter (like for your last name) or a silhouette of an object or animal inside the frame.

  • Judi Judi on Nov 13, 2018

    You can cut different width size wood slats paint then different colors then put the word family in the middle!

  • Sal3170064 Sal3170064 on Nov 13, 2018

    Make a padded jewellery display.

    Cut a piece of board to fit the gap, add polyester stuffing to the board, then staple on material to cover. Then reinsert in the frame. Use to pin on brooches, and use pins to hold necklace on.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Nov 13, 2018

    Wrap Rope around the Frame, Glue down the Ends and Spray Paint the Rope. It will make a Fine Additional Facing for use indoors or outdoors in the Garden. The Indoors applications are almost endless with mostly anything in mostly any Bare Space, especially a Space with Inset Shelves or a Cornerpiece or a Mantle or over a Medicine Cabinet or even as a Frame for a Wall that only needs a Cubby Hole or Collage of Photos or Prints.

    So many options...so few Frames