Asked on Nov 03, 2017

How can I make a headboard without nailing to the wall?

Deanna Muse
by Deanna Muse
I rent and can only use small nails and thumb tacks. I would like to make a headboard as well as other items, but all seem to call for using studs and large nails.

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  • KatAych KatAych on Nov 03, 2017

    use Command strips - they easily come off the walls when you want to move.

  • Mine isn't nailed to the wall, as a matter of fact, I never nail headboards to the wall, but certainly a personal preference. You can make the same headboard and velcro it to the wall or use zip ties to attach to your bed frame.

  • Dfm Dfm on Nov 03, 2017

    Wooden fence family used the square ones, plywood upholsterd with batting and fabric...mounted from the fence posts.

  • Pat Pat on Nov 03, 2017

    Our headboard is not nailed to the wall nor fastened to the bed frame....just put the headboard between the bed frame and the wall and it will stay.

  • Eileen Eileen on Nov 04, 2017

    Think of your progects as boxes. The headboard as a flat rectangle box. There should be two sides or front and back. So build it about the size of a door or u can uses a door. Once done look at bed frame and most of them come with a welded on bracket with holes, round or long narrow holes. You can put legs on the bed or headboard On the back of it. The legs need to line up with brackets. The best part of a project is you might need to invest in a new tool, like a drill. I would get these bolts and nuts and maybe washers. Drill the holes to line up. Attach headboard to legs with appropriate length screws and the legs to brackts as I mentioned. this Is a little long but I hope it helps.

    The deciding factor is if you set it between bed and wall and it keeps falling on you attach it. Eileen

  • Mrs Greta Tillett Mrs Greta Tillett on Nov 04, 2017

    Why must it hang? Rather attach the headboard to two pieces of narrow timber lengths each side and stand it behind the bead. Hope this helps your problem.

  • Sandra Sandra on Nov 04, 2017

    Put 2x4 legs on it and fasten to your bed frame. That's how we made them in my custom drapery workroom.

  • Pgu6962882 Pgu6962882 on Nov 04, 2017

    Use a sheet and pool noodles. Stitch up channels and slide pool noodles can use the Command Strips to hold it in place. And you can either take it down to wash as needed....or change the sheet decor as you wish.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Nov 04, 2017

    You can use a large piece of Styrofoam from the insulation part of store and cut it to size and shape you want then cover with fabric and either place behind bed or using small picture frame hanging parts attach two one at either end then use the hooks to hang like a picture since those nails are so thin. Then if you move just use a small amount of space to cover the tiny hole some people swear by white tooth paste, it just depends on what color your walls are I think. Without knowing what the other items such are I can't offer any other advice.

  • Morgan Morgan on Nov 04, 2017

    There are headboards you can get that screw to the base of the bed frame and with that, you completely avoid having to deal with the wall at all!

  • Deb K Deb K on Feb 02, 2024

    Hi Deanna, hope this helps you. You can pick up a nice peel and stick wallpaper for this, then gently remove it when you move.

  • Janice Janice on Feb 02, 2024

    You can build yourself a headboard to the height and width you wish, pad it if you want, and then upholster the side facing the bed using a 4'x6 or 8' piece of plywood. You can use 1"x3 or 4" boards for framing if you wish and simply wedge it between the bed and wall. If you want you can use zip ties to adhere to the frame or wood screwed to the frame. There's likely some instructions if you enter the words "Bed Headboard" in the search box at the top left of the site's homepage.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 03, 2024

    Buy Headboard legs from DIY (Long timbers with slot down part of it) They fix on to the end of the bed at headboard end. (there should be screw in plastic covers)

  • Betsy Betsy on Feb 03, 2024

    Hi Deanna: I completely agree with Eroque022810. You can even use Command Hooks to attach it to the wall.

  • Try the search bar at the top left here for some great headboard alternatives that aren’t heavy and can be stuck on with temporary sticky stuff.