Thoughts on this wall decor?

I know it’s incomplete however minus the tv and the black shelf do I
q i know it s incomplete however minus the tv and the black shelf do i
THe tv is temporary and was placed there last night but will be taken out along with the black shelve
q i know it s incomplete however minus the tv and the black shelf do i
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  • SandyG SandyG on Dec 14, 2017
    Need more info on your question. BTW, looks like a great space to have some decorating fun!

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Dec 14, 2017
    Just not confident that it looks ok, it’s a huge open space and I struggle decorating the simplest things

    • Do you have any friends that you admire their decorating style? If so, ask them over to help! I always just pile all my possibilities (stuff) in another room and try different things until I find an arrangement that is pleasing. Hop onto Pinterest for ideas too. Any colleges nearby that have decorating classes? If so, see if they want to come help you for a school project. Or hire a decorator, staging professional or interior designer. Always start with what you have (looks like you have beautiful items to work with), before going out to buy more, chances are you will not need much if anything at all.

  • Phil Phil on Dec 14, 2017
    Yes definitely more information on what you would like to do? Theres a lot of potential there

  • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Dec 14, 2017
    Would you do something different

  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Dec 14, 2017
    Elizabeth, I think it's perfect, but I would raise everything up about 12" higher.

  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Dec 14, 2017
    Here's an example of one that is hanging too high. Yours is a little low.

  • Sharon Sharon on Dec 14, 2017
    Agree the focal picture looks too low, try moving up to level the top edge of the picture frame with the wrought iron screen on the left. Then adjust your candle sconces.

  • Baba Baba on Dec 17, 2017
    I agree move the picture up some and adjust the candle sconces....
    kind of depends on what your using that wall for....... I would bring in a dresser ( of some sort ) put it under the picture....... then add some greenery either on the sides of the dresser or on top of it...... then play around with what you have...... you have some great items to work with already.... check out your local thrift store....... remember paint is your best friend.... if you find something that you like that’s not the color you
    like ...... Paint it........ I love the colors you have to start with...., good luck and most of all have fun doing it and make it your own!!

  • Lisa Strickland Lisa Strickland on Dec 17, 2017
    I would remove picture and mount tv on the wall to start with. You can buy a thing that hides your cords & can even paint it to blend with the wall. Then find some kind of table taller with storage options to go underneath. I would definitely reuse your ladder book stands, maybe bring them close in. Remove metal candle holders. And yes paint is your best friend! I found a cherrywood china cabinet that had been painted that someone was throwing away. Anyhow I got it and took off the glass doors and removed shelves then I destressed painted it and turned into entertainment center for my tv. 😊

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    • Dfm Dfm on Dec 29, 2017
      The things that hide the cords are “cord covers” and can be found at office supply stores...they clic to completely hide the cord, and have an adhesive strip on the back if you need to stick them to a wall. They also sell pieces to make the corners tidy As in going over door ways...I don’t know about amazon....but when I drive by the office supply daily..... why bother with amazon....

  • Lynn Lynn on Dec 19, 2017
    If you are asking what I would do?
    Probably change the paint color on that wall to brighten the space?
    Definitely remove the picture behind the TV. Its to distracting. I would get a taller longer TV stand to raise the TV to fill that area. I like the black iron hangings . They are nice beside the side of the TV.
    Maybe put both shelves together on one side to make it a bigger shelving unit. And place a small accent chair on the other side. You could also put a small side table beside the chair with a lamp. Or a plant.
    Thats my two cents of ideas.
    Have fun decorating.
    I put some pretty battery operated lights that hang on the wall beside the TV. They have the appearance of being hardwired. They looked nice when you just wanted a little light while you watched TV

  • Has the TV been moved to a more permanent place? Are you asking what to do with that wall? You have a ton of options and beautiful decor items to use :). I can't add any advice, I'm confused about the TV being there or not. Could you add a new pic with the TV gone?

  • Elizabeth M. Spann Elizabeth M. Spann on Dec 19, 2017
    I would get rid of. 2 shelf and tv and put a half cabnet there its too busy.

  • Lisa Strickland Lisa Strickland on Dec 19, 2017
    I got mine at Home Depot! Lowe's also has them as well. Cord covers.