Ideas on how to decorate walls that have a high & angled ceiling?

by Mom5314415
The fireplace wall is 14’3” and the fireplace is H=4’9” W=6’ D=25.5”
TV wall is 11’9” and the window wall is 18’. This room is open to the kitchen. Any decorating advice is greatly appreciated!

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  • Gk Gk on Mar 10, 2018

    You could add ship lap to the angled wall by the fireplace And then hang something wonderful over the fireplace. Something round would look nice.

  • Wanda Wanda on Mar 10, 2018

    Just to give you an idea:

    comment photo
    comment photo
  • Shoshana Shoshana on Mar 11, 2018

    Accenting the vaulted wall in a different, stand-out color will look nice

    • Shoshana Shoshana on Mar 11, 2018

      Or you can frame the fireplace with floor to ceiling bookcases

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Mar 11, 2018

    I got very sad looking at this room,& i only wish i could be there with you to firstly re-structure the room:( I’d like to make a note firstly, any form of seating does not go in front of window; including a T.V... I believe if you can not replace your lounge pieces that you remove one piece & buy some velvet seat stools, as they can be moved around for use & put in positions , like in front of windows when not in use~ use a colour, not neutrals, that fits You..add some special cushions with parts of your chosen colour.

    Ok, i’ll not go on to much with a needed layout because i am known well enough as a specialist decor artist,& i can see that to much that I would like to aim to say just will not transpire properly( unless i gave you a full diagram explaining all.)* With your impending dilemma i am going to give you a idea that will be not to expensive nor hard to do. Again ,’cause i do not know your walls/& roof materials, 2 answers will be given to this idea. The Idea// thats been done in many ways; however its all about your visual eye to where you want to place the arrangement of this beautiful look~ & being of Any gender this pleases~ especially to your guests. Craft shops/2 dollar shops/Bunnings & even good old op shops: Go find yourself various types of plastic/& fabric vines~ i collect the broken pieces of any type of vine/& plants~ because they too can be made into long vines.... Yep, make a variety of different vines from ALL cheap though decent looking pieces found. Joining pieces together to create your own looks/arrangement is as simple as using Green coloured pipe cleaners... i have even pulled apart different ideas of plastic plants to create my own looking new vine plants/some have some little sprinkles of flower bud over them( note to aim to match blend with your choice of a selected colour for cushions & EVEN a good throw for the lounge piece.) A couple of cheap pots just spray painted ( with parts of your choice of colour) will be needed to create an authentic look. {And btw, i have the same roof matters as yourself,& it does make a room feel’ very different,& not always for good.} The wall matter is for attaching your designs/// see with two large enough plant pot bases, the final ends of your designed vinery must look like its been planted from somewhere, it also does add to a better energy feel’... Now when you are happy with your creations,& may i suggest that you actually make a lot;please think about a mirror the size of a decent picture, it can be cheap cheap, just remember if a frame has Bold colours that this is a No, therefore the only neutral statement goes for the mirror & place it on the largest wall in the centre....

    Attaching vines; always use a fine cheap hand staple gun, fine as in smaller staple size as thats all thats needed( it does not damage walls... tiny holes are not damaging ever as they can be repaired if really wanting by a single coat of paint,& cheap again, no fancy stuuf.) # The other option, pending on walls is the obvious removable many types of hanging hooks~ in this case hook holder that close into a circle,& small;& in this case the products will have to be good graded !

    Preferably is the staple gun as its easier to staple the odd leaf(at corners only) so to hold arrangements up~ of coarse. You know what to do next.... yep arrange your vine creations all over the walls, focus on around the mirror to ideally cover the frame/edges, & keep arranging your creations over the roof additionally. TIP: place your pot bases near the window though seperate( either end of window is good enough & as vines will end in your pots this means your vines also can sit along the top area above your curtians/blinds.) To make sure the vines look like they are planted in your pots use any old black fabric/tee shirt/ whatever you can cut up into pieces that are around 10cm each piece, this is good for wrapping rocks in & therfore holding plant bases in place.. you can even use to complete, some broken twigs, this looks great as it is of real thus all will look/feel real..& for a final real result for your vines, use a Matt Hair Spray, Yes, ‘cause again it turns plastics into a better real looking experience...& additionally it will keep dust away much longer than any method i have yet to come across. TIP: use citronella oil with bergamot oils; just cheap will do here,& add a few drops over all your creations,& i would suggest that this is done first before placing them up//its just a bit easier, though in areas that you can reach, every couple of weeks add some drops around.. this stops insects thinking they can live inside & it additionally with this blend give a smell of open air space// its also good for you.... I am hoping you are seeing some type of picture here. ‘Greenery‘ IS a needed colour & can go with almost anything ~ I use plastic plant arrangements everywhere as immediately you put energy of life around you,& in dark places vines are acceptable as a plant that can grow in these conditions...On the roof this looks majestic,& lets be honest, how many people think about roof decoring in homes.. Greenery gives the eyes delight & illusion of a much grander larger space, with cozy feelings~ a i like making fake plants as they always look good & don’t require a lot of work... though one real one in a bathroom adds to better breathable air.😉

  • AuntQueenie AuntQueenie on Mar 12, 2018

    color is always a game changer, and good. I know most people don't like TV above fireplace, but that is an option that would allow you to move the chair to the where the TV is currently and bring the sofa out away from wall facing fireplace. turn the rug where it goes the same direction as the sofa would be, or you can try angling it slightly, but that may not work due to the different wall heights. You may get a better, more even look if you hang a second curtain rod placed higher with longer drapes. it would, or could make that wall appear higher than it is and looks right now. If you don't want the TV above fireplace for any reason I would move it to the side of the fireplace, place chair at corner just around the hallway and bring the sofa out and place it where it is aligned appropriately with fireplace, to enjoy it but not harm the material of sofa.


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    I would still try something with curtain height, curtains should be long enough that the ends rest on the floor with overage of 2-3 inches at least.

    once you come to an arrangement you like then choose you art, decor etc.

    maybe hang a long piece of art on the side of fireplace closest to window to bring height to that area.

  • Cat20362978 Cat20362978 on Mar 12, 2018

    Use sheets of wainscoting which is easy to cut to size. For more talented folk, reclaimed barnwood looks awesome.