What can i do to make some wall art for my house with leftover paint?

Note - I am NOT an artist! Full blown DIY'er but zero art skill.

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  • Emily Emily on Apr 08, 2018
    You could make a quilt pattern with the left over paint. Just draw it out on graph paper first. We just spent some time looking through old paint cans looking for a specific color. WE keep left over paints for future use. Have literally dozens of cans. And put them to good use. I would think a "full blown DIYer" would have lots of needs for paint.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Apr 08, 2018
    This is so cool! Head over to YouTube and type in dirty pour acrylic painting. You don't have to follow their strict rules, but you'll get the general drift. The really fun thing is you can use stretched canvas if you want, but you can also use MDF or some other smooth surface and CUT OUT whatever shape and size you want. I use plain water to thin my house paint. Just remember to elevate your project so when the paint runs off, the back of your creation won't adhere to your dropcloth. And remember every dirty pour is unique. If you don't like how it came out - let it dry and do it over again.

  • Lina Splichal Lina Splichal on Apr 08, 2018
    You can use painting tape to make lines, grids, boxes, diamonds, etc. You do some stenciling, pick a pattern or topic and do a focal piece or an overall background. You can also do some rag rolling or cut out a foam roller to do a cover for a two (or multiple) color treatment.

  • Lynn Lynn on Apr 08, 2018
    Hang some canvas on the wall and start flicking that paint- filled brush at it. Use the colors you like and don’t overdue it, have fun!