What curtain material that resists mould and mildrew growth.

Live in bush area with wet climate in New Zealand. Have thermal lined curtains for keeping house warm in winter. However, mould grows on the lining. I use a dehumidifier and keep windows open for circulation. Have used a commercial product that's suppose to clean mould stains and prevent growth but doesn't. Have done this treatment twice as instructions stated. Any advice would be appreciated as treatment and buying new curtains expensive.

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  • K K on Mar 22, 2018
    I hate mildew....spray on semi-weak salty water, (or rinse in salty water) but not too much salt to leach out and cake on. The salt won't let mildew form, this what's helped my shower curtain. :) there are instructions on the net, mine are vague, sorry. Good luck.

    • HelenNZ HelenNZ on Mar 22, 2018
      thanks Kendall for sharing. Curtains are mouldy rather than having mildew. Though will try out your suggestion on baskets that get mildew in the winter. Will be much cheaper if it works than using Glen 20 spray.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 22, 2018
    I don't think using a dehumidifier with the windows open is going to work, based on what you said. A dehumidifier is only effective if it can lower the percentage of moisture in the air. I would take down the curtains you are trying to clean, and lower the humidity as in this article: https://www.goodairgeeks.com/can-will-dehumidifier-kill-mold-effectively/

    • HelenNZ HelenNZ on Mar 22, 2018
      thank you for taking time to answer Cynthia. I do close the windows to dehumidify rooms lol and open windows on fine days to let air circulate. Will read article on link you sent. Always open to learn something new. Again thanks.

  • Melissa Combs Melissa Combs on Mar 22, 2018
    There is a material that resists mold and mildew? Sorry. Can you wash the lining maybe with vinegar?

    • HelenNZ HelenNZ on Mar 22, 2018
      thanks Melissa for sharing. Kendall above also suggests vinegar spray for mildew. I have mouldy curtains do you know if vinegar works on this too?

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    • Sharon Sharon on Mar 23, 2018
      Fans to circulate the air will also help dry it out, get some air flow going and open all the doors with the dehumidifer going.

  • Tina Tina on Mar 22, 2018
    Also try six oz vinegar with ten drops tea tree oil it worked on dry wall.

  • Donna L. Woolman Donna L. Woolman on Mar 22, 2018
    Wow! I am in Bellingham WA. USA with the same problem. I have been here for 33 years. It is ALWAYS WET! I am in a ground floor condo with concrete floors. I have 3 huge 97 inch wide windows across 2 walls. Each has 2 small windows under them that open and are always black with mildew/mold. I find that keeping the curtains open so the air temperature in the room reaches the windows, really helps. And I bought two ceiling fans last year that help circulate the warm air downward. But my son keeps closing the curtains at night for privacy and to keep the power bill down. So when I get up around 3AM to go potty, I open them. I just know that it is the curtains causing all the condensation to accumulate on the window and the window sills, because it is like someone poured a glass of water down the windows. But when they are left open there is less. I don't know what to do other than frequently wiping everything down with a rag.

    I will try the salt water method of Kendall.

    • HelenNZ HelenNZ on Mar 25, 2018
      Thanks Donna. Only have had a few days with water dripping down walls when it was very humid here. After these few episodes had a bit of mould on frames though very little and after cleaning hasn't come back. I have double glazed windows and open everything up when weather permits. I too close the curtains for heat and privacy but not until sun goes down. Because the curtains are pencil pleated the curtain rod allows for good space between curtain and window. So yes a pain to have it. I can commiserate with you on this problem. Thinking now of replacing curtains that are too stained. Maybe once spores start they will keep growing back. Fingers crossed I can keep new curtains fresh

  • K K on Mar 25, 2018
    Ah! So sorry I misunderstood somehow. I have seen products in the states for outdoor furniture cushions that gets the mold out (supposedly) i imagine it entails quite a bit of scrubbing. Good luck. :)