Where to hang 2 round mirrors

by Joyce
I have 2 large round mirrors. I don't know where to hang them, or if they should be hung together. On one wall in the living room, I have a fake, large fire place mantel and a wall tv above it. Another long wall has nothing on it. The other wall, directly across from the fire place and tv is a couch with a large picture behind it. There would be room to hang one on each side of the picture behind the couch or on either side of tv. Would that be too much though? I would also consider hanging it in the hall. I just don't know. Help please!
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  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Jan 05, 2016
    I would try one on either side of your tv.i do not think I would like them by the picture.
  • CoastalBohemian CoastalBohemian on Jan 06, 2016
    I love mirrors and hang them everywhere. I usually look for a spot or two and then decide which will give me more reflective light. You could do one on each side of the picture and then buy a few small ones to add above the picture .
  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Jan 06, 2016
    Here's my 2 cents...Mirrors do an amazing job of reflecting light...So I would put them on a wall opposite the windows in the room. You can add to those mirrors by adding smaller ones OR combo them w/ artwork. I would make groupings of 3 to 5 in a gallery style across the wall. For the wall that has the large picture...I would add more artwork on either side w/ white or cream matting & the artwork should have some of the same colors as the large picture. For the blank wall, you could add floating shelves to place some books or decor items on them. Hope this helps.
  • When hanging mirrors you need to make sure it reflects the outdoors or a nice view of a wall across the room. The round mirrors would balance out the rectangle tv if the view on the other side of the room would be one you want to reflect. You should not have a mirror reflect the door going outside (it is bad feng shui). Behind your sofa would look nice too as a pair if the refection is nice. Mirrors are great as pointed out to reflect light. The trick is to make sure to hang them so what you see when you walk into the room or hallway is something you want to see. Have fun and a pair of round mirrors could do a lot to soften the room
  • Wanda.ll Wanda.ll on Jan 06, 2016
    Just remember this if you hang across from windows they reflect the light. Will that mess up seeing the TV ? Think before you put up what they will reflect. I'm not sure not enough photos for me to ell what is going on in this room. Sorry
  • Sheila D Sheila D on Jan 06, 2016
    To help determine where to place them...Are the mirrors framed or flat & color of frame? Size?
  • Snapoutofit Snapoutofit on Jan 06, 2016
    I want to address the wall where the TV is.... you need something hung on either side, a little bit lower, to make the TV not look so, well, prominent. I like the suggestions on the mirrors everyone posted also. BUt I would not put them on the wall by the tv.
  • Connie Eggen Connie Eggen on Jan 06, 2016
    Good answers here but I think a pic of the mirrors would enable better advice. Can you post pics?
  • Pamrwilson Pamrwilson on Jan 06, 2016
    It would help if we could see what the mirrors look like? Just "how big" are they? I think the TV wall would look better with maybe a set of sconces, level with each other or staggered (one lower), and maybe a couple smaller mirrors (square), or appropriate pictures, one above the other (square, not photos, preferably country scenes, since that seems to be your decor), on the other side of the TV. And don't forget to hang things at eye level not at the ceiling, and choose the correct type of frames. Don't know if this is helpful, but I try. Good luck.
    • Joyce Joyce on Jan 06, 2016
      This is one mirror. The other is exactly the same
  • Pamrwilson Pamrwilson on Jan 06, 2016
    Also the mirrors, maybe hung lower and side by side on a wall could give the illusion of a larger room. But need to see those mirrors first!?
  • Pat Pat on Jan 06, 2016
    Sorry, I am going to say, no mirrors on either the picture wall or the TV wall. Your art work over the couch is very pretty and I think the TV is enough for that wall. I really would like to see your TV lowered a little. I know it is a big job to do that, so could you sit something on the mantel to hide the wires. You have a comfy looking room.
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    • Connie Eggen Connie Eggen on Jan 08, 2016
      @Snapoutofit sun is too high if the glare hits you in the eye and you are the neighbor.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 06, 2016
    I, too, would lower the TV as Pat May suggested. Is there room on one side of the TV for a tall, skinny, artificial tree to soften the lines of the cabinet and TV? As others have suggested, make sure of what is reflected in the mirrors. As you have traditional furnishings from what I can see, I would check for wood frames for them as they look very contemporary.
  • Pamrwilson Pamrwilson on Jan 07, 2016
    I would not hang them on the sides of the TV They are "too modern" for your decor. Maybe in a bathroom or bedroom? But not by your TV