Splash cinnamon on seeds to start ‘em strong

Cinnamon helps to prevent fungus, so your seeds can have a sunny, healthy start. Get tutorial here

Cover an orange in cloves to freshen the air

Your home is going to smell amazing and look so fresh with a jar full of these. Get tutorial here

Use turmeric to tie-dye summery throw pillows

The secret to adding a splash of color to boring fabrics is hiding in your spice rack. Get tutorial here

Mix up a batch of rosemary carpet cleaner

Carpets get a lot of wear and tear, but this fresh cleaner will revive them in a snap. Get tutorial here

Craft cinnamon-covered fruit decorations

This fall trend is already spreading like wildfire, and it’s sweet and simple! Get tutorial here

Simmer rosemary and lemons on the stove

Freshen the air inside your home quickly by tossing these into a pot and simmering it on the stove. Get tutorial here

Mix cinnamon & glue into aromatic ornaments

Mix up your own batch and fill the house with sweet smelling decor. Get tutorial here

Clear your clogged drain with cream of tartar

Never struggle with a clogged drain again, thanks to this quick cleansing mix. Get tutorial here

Add an aged look to wood pieces with cinnamon

Just sprinkle it on before you paint, to add a few grainy years to your piece. Get tutorial here

Make a metallic wreath from bay leaves

This one actually uses magnolia leaves, but you could easily create this same design with bay leaves. Get tutorial here