Dress Up an Unattractive Fence

We never would have thought to use sheet metal to dress up an ugly fence, but it looks crazy good. Get tutorial here

Create Romantic Candle Holders

Don't think 'romantic' and 'sheet metal' mesh well? Well, check out this glowing beauty. Get tutorial here

Make Some Metal Pumpkins for Fall

Not only are these adorable, but you can make a whole patch for just $10 at the hardware store. Get tutorial here

Cover Cabinets in Metal

Add a fresh metallic face to outdated cabinets, for an industrial look and a functional update. Get tutorial here

Build a Shimmering Raised Garden Bed

Use long sheets of metal to surround an area of your yard for a unique garden bed. Get tutorial here

Mount a Magnetic Spice Rack

Easy and useful, this magnificent metal idea is an instant kitchen helper. Get tutorial here

Use Bits of Metal to Add Pretty Accents

Pieces of sheet metal make the perfect accent details for crafts like this DIY clock. Get tutorial here

Store Your Jewelry with Industrial Style

Put a piece of sheet metal in a frame for bold and beautiful jewelry storage. Get tutorial here

Top off Your Old, Scratched Coffee Table

Turn any old piece into a stunning accent, by covering its flaws with an industrial-chic top. Get tutorial here

Add a Galvanized Christmas Tree to Your Decor

Give your entryway a touch of galvanized Christmas glam, by adding a faux-aged metal tree. Get tutorial here

Revamp a Tired Table Lamp

Bring that ugly thrift store find into the modern day, with a shimmery update. Get tutorial here

Craft Colorful Metal Letters to Dress a Wall

Designate your children's play space or bedroom with this bright and beautiful wall decor. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Bathroom Countertop Clutter

Instead of digging through your make-up bag or clearing your vanity, add magnetic wall storage. Get tutorial here