Bedroom Makeover Part 1: Peel and Stick Wallpaper Tutorial 

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30 Minutes

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I’m giving you a three part blog series about my newest bedroom makeover. This will be part one of a couple of posts and this post will be showing you a quick way to update any wall, via the peel and stick wallpaper tutorial!

I’ve got quite the project for you.

We bought a new home last summer and I’ve slowly been working on transforming each room.

Because, well, you’ve got to make it your own you know!

If you don’t know, I have a thing for peel and stick wallpaper.

I won’t even try to hide it. It was used in my old home and there’s no exception for the new home now.

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Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

Oh peel and stick, how I love you so!

The thing is, we’ve come a long way with wallpaper. Back in the days of plain paper and messy paste, frustration was a given.

Now you may like the traditional way and to that I say, “You are one talented lady!”

Because its too complicated for yours truly. Doh.

But if you want a quick and easy way to update your walls other than paint, this is for you!


This is so important. You want to assess and prep your walls before you even think about slapping down some peel and stick wallpaper, okay?

It’s important to note that when using this method, your walls in question are SMOOTH or at least mostly smooth.

I made the fatal error my first time of using peel and stick and used (or tried to use) it on very textured walls.

Safe to say… it was a failure captain.

Make sure your walls are smooth and after you assess that, it’s time to prep.

My sister in law helping with the makeover! She’s adorable!


Once you are certain your walls are good for this type of wallpaper, it’s time to prep them well.

Make sure to clean your walls of all dust, dirt, and debris. Even if you have a smooth wall, nothing will stick if it’s dirty or dusty. Again, I found out the hard way!

I used a washcloth and some simple all purpose cleaner and wiped the whole wall down to make sure it was squeaky clean. You don’t need to use much at all.

Tada! Time for the fun part!

Peel…and Stick

Yay! It’s finally time to work some magic!

You will need to grab one corner of your wallpaper and gently find an edge and peel a small section.

Then, line up with the top of the wall and work your way down until you’ve reached the end.

Once you reach the point where you are done with that piece, you can carefully use an exacto knife and safely cut along the bottom line.

Now just keep repeating this until the whole section you want covered is done.

You will understand where I’m coming from with my love of peel and stick.

Are you a believer yet?

Here are a few pretty peel and stick wallpaper options to get you started below! Click on a wallpaper option to get more info.

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So…what are you waiting for?

Let me know if you put up peel and stick wallpaper and how it looks now or a before and after picture.

I hope this peel and stick wallpaper tutorial will help kick start your next wall makeover giving your space a new and fresh feel- and your wallet feeling happier too!

Make sure to keep a look out for the 2nd blog post of the Master Bedroom Makeover Series for more tangible tips, ideas and tutorials coming up soon.​

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Happy DIYing!

Suggested materials:
  • Peel and Stick Wallpaper
  • All Purpose Cleaner
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  • Donna Bailey Moss Donna Bailey Moss on Mar 31, 2022

    I share your love of peel and stick. I use to hang wallpaper for builders back when everything had to be pasted. I have now done 3 major projects with peel and stick - pantry makeover, 18 foot stair wall, and our travel trailer. I am in LOVE with it!