Is there an easy way to remove wallpaper?

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  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on May 02, 2018
    You could also try fabric softener; removing wallpaper is a snap with fabric softener! Just stir 1 cap-full liquid softener into 1 quart (1 liter) water and sponge the solution onto the wallpaper. Let it soak in for 20 minutes, then scrape the paper from the wall.

  • Yes and no. There are oh so many factors involved. Was the wall primed before the paper was originally applied? How many layers of wallpaper? Applied to plaster or sheetrock? How humid is the climate?

    Score and steam is my preferred method.

    The more you score, the more steam gets in, the easier to remove. Any tool rental will have everything you need!

  • From everything I've ever heard, no. It's a lot of work. I have been told using a steamer is the best method though.

  • Deb K Deb K on May 02, 2018
    Steamer works the best for any and all wallpapers.

  • William William on May 02, 2018
    I use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle. Spray it on, let it soak, and scrape off.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on May 02, 2018
    Start with a paint tray, fill the deep side with very warm water. Next, you'll need a roller with a handle. Roll the wall with the roller. Start at the bottom of the wall, and roll up and down, some of the paper will come loose, then scrape the rest with a large putty knife. Start at the bottom, and work your way up. The next step is to wipe off the glue with a warm wet sponge. This is what it entails, it's not easy. Good Luck!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 02, 2018
    try using fabric softener mixed with water and score it with the toolbar steam it off