Old wallpaper removal.

I bought a house built in 83, bathrooms have foil wall paper even on ceiling. Pulled off paper on one wall was easy but what was left on wall the glue I guess. I have tried everything, Downey, venigar, scraped, bought the stuff from Home Depot. Help.

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  • Donna C Donna C on Apr 08, 2018
    goo B gone

  • Karol1940 Karol1940 on Apr 08, 2018
    Use fabric softener in water apply to walls remove while it is still wet. Works wonderful

  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 08, 2018
    Sand it off and/or skim coat the wall with joint compound.

  • Ah, but have you scored and steamed???? I bet you haven't! Did you Google, "how to remove wallpaper?" I bet you didn't! Most people don't - so do not feel bad for forgetting to do this. Check this out!

    The more you score, the more steam gets in and easier to remove. Any tool rental will have what you need. Your arms will get a workout, no gym necessary!

    I have taken so much wallpaper down that I very rarely, if ever put it up, even though I like the look, I just can't stand removing it.

    Hope this solves your issues. Good luck and keep us in the loop! 🛠

  • Gk Gk on Apr 08, 2018
    Sometimes it does take FOREVER to get all the old glue off. You have to wash and wash and wash. And it does help to scrape with a flat scraper when the glue is wet to get off as much glue as you possibly can without wiping it all over. I am AMAZED at how much wallpaper glue can be left behind. I would continue with the Downy and water mixture--changing the water and cleaning sponges/rags MANY times so you are always working with fairly clean water. Sometimes--after you have washed and washed--let it dry until the next day--I know--it's hard to wait--but it seems to help to get more of the glue off. Don't give up--it is probably going to take longer than you expected. One house I worked on--wallpapered in the 1980's-- took 3 days to get all the glue off. It WAS a job--but FINALLY got it down to the painted drywall. Then I primed before I painted. That took care of it.

  • Cherylbeatrice Cherylbeatrice on Apr 08, 2018
    try warm water and liquid fabric softner

  • William William on Apr 08, 2018
    Goo Gone.