Air Plant DIY Holders

It was about two years ago, when I got introduced to th uniqueness of air plant.

I became very obsessed doing a lot of research, and trying to create unique air plant stands.

Finally I found the perfect 👌🏾 materials to create my own holders, that were unique but could be created with materials I had at home.

If you are unfamiliar with air plants, they are a desert like plant. They don't need any soil to sustain life.

There are many holders and stands for sale at flower shop, which are highly overpriced.
e air plant diy holders, gardening
These easy to make holders were for sale at my local flower shop, for $35 each.
e air plant diy holders, gardening
I created my own, out of wood cookies, old telephone top insolators and a strip of leathe. I drilled two holes in the wood, and attached the insolator to the wood with the leather.
e air plant diy holders, gardening
I always like to create groups of odd numbers, when creating any type of art! It catches the eye more.
e air plant diy holders, gardening
At first I had my air plants displayed in our bathroom. After our bedroom renovation, I added the plants to our gallery wall! I really feel that the plants add a lot of warmth to our bedroom.

Care for for air plants is very simple! Simply soaking in a large bowl of wate, once a week and hanging to dry is all they need!
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