Beautiful Summer Flowers.

e beautiful summer flowers
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  • Roxy Lee Roxy Lee on Mar 10, 2017
    The flowers look beautiful all around the tree. I love it, even the lantern bird feeder gives it a touch & having your little girl  standing next to it, is precious. She's so adorable. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Oh my goodness! So beautiful! Love your yard, looks shady and peaceful. Your little girl is just so sweet! Great share, thank you! ☺

  • R Bush R Bush on Mar 10, 2017
    Thank you, you are so kind. It is a pleasure to be able to post these for Hometalk.
    I was unable to post the real beauty of these flowers. There was a much better picture , but I was unable to get it to post.

  • R Bush R Bush on Mar 10, 2017
    The below picture is the one I tried to post here.

  • R Bush R Bush on Mar 10, 2017
    Thank you Naomie. This was the best year I ever had with the flowers. They grew huge, and so colorful. I appreciate your kind words.