Merry Christmas From Castaic!

Sunrise this morning, going to be a beautiful day! Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. πŸŽ„πŸ•ŽπŸ•ŠπŸŽ‰
e merry christmas from castaic
e merry christmas from castaic
e merry christmas from castaic
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  • William William on Dec 25, 2017
    Merry Christmas, Naomie! Beautiful photos. Wish I was there 70 degrees. Freezing 11 degrees here.

    • Merry Christmas to you too! I will gladly trade, it seems it has been unseasonably warm far too long. At least it is dipping down into the upper 30's to low 40's at night. They are predicting upper 70's later this week! Happy for all the out of towers who come for the Rose Parade and other local festivities.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Dec 26, 2017
    Merry Christmas Naomie! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Dec 26, 2017
    This looks absolutely stunning! We don't get sunrises like these on the east coast

    • Joe Jones Joe Jones on Aug 25, 2018

      I know this Is old but it’s a pretty sunrise & I’m not sure where on the east coast you are but we get them here on the southern east coast. Since the sun comes up here it’s early maybe too early for you to be out to see it.

  • Pau5674629 Pau5674629 on Dec 26, 2017
    Only when there's a rainbow trinidad skys looks that colour

  • Destiny Destiny on Sep 28, 2018

    did you know im only 20

  • Destiny Destiny on Sep 28, 2018

    bye bye