Have you ever tried a project that went horribly wrong?

You weren't sure whether it was worth it or not to fix it or just throw it away and give up?
e painted furniture mishap chalky paint wax, painted furniture
That's what happened to me...

I bought these 2 plant stands and wanted to try chalky paint. It always looks so cool and I wanted to try it on a smaller scale before I did something bigger.
e painted furniture mishap chalky paint wax, painted furniture
I went with Waverly Chalk in Ink and Waverly Clear Wax and found them both at Walmart. It truly brushed on easy and dried fast. I did 2 coats to get it covered nicely, letting them dry between each coat. After letting it dry according to the directions I moved to the wax coat.

Yes, well this is where I messed it up. I read the directions and it said to put on the wax, wipe off the excess, and buff it out 24 hours later. Well - excess meant I should have basically wiped it all back off. I thought I should coat it and let it rest without any drips or runs meaning excess. After 24 hours, I ended up with a mess. I rubbed and rubbed and scrubbed and tried everything to get that extra wax off and I was getting no where! I almost gave up and threw them away. Is this really worth starting over??? I did nothing for a couple days and then decided I had nothing to lose. I sanded down the wax off the tables and repainted them.

e painted furniture mishap chalky paint wax, painted furniture
The chalk paint is very forgiving, I was please that it went back on so well. I let the paint dry, again. This time I put the wax on with a paint brush, then immediately took a cotton t-shirt rag and wiped it off. It's important to work in small amounts at a time. Let it dry for 24 hours, and lightly buffed it with a cotton t-shirt.
e painted furniture mishap chalky paint wax, painted furniture
I'm glad I stuck with it and I am pleased with the way they turned out. Boy what a lesson learned!
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jan 17, 2017
    Thanks for sharing, Chas, You always inspire me Don't you just love chalk paint?

  • Mary Liegel Mary Liegel on Jan 18, 2017
    My project that went wrong was many years ago I started to make a gun closet but changed along the way to a long toy chest with a padded naughahide seat with hinges, and casters on the bottom of the chest. Was way more useful than a gun closet anyway. He went out and bought a cabinet for his guns and the toy chest is still setting upstairs in one of the kids rooms...still with their childhood toys in it....after about 50 years.

  • Judi Judi on Mar 04, 2020

    yes I have! But thankfully I am not a perfectionist and I try to over look the mistakes. Some times this is just impossible to do so I wear a blind fold!!