Who Cheers You On?

This question was presented today: Who supports you in your journey as a DIYer and how?

Quite honestly, I didn't have cheerleaders. Except for my daughter. She lives 8 hours away and enjoys the pictures I send of my latest creations. I started doing this a few years ago for a few reasons. I needed extra money. I needed to keep my mind busy. And, I had to reinvent my life (again) to prevent insanity. I started small with lighting and sold on Ebay. When I saw people enjoyed my art, I expanded into furniture and what ever sparked my imagination. I started to challenge myself with more complex projects, and included a couple video's of what I made. I did one show locally that was very profitable, but too physically exhausting, so, I started selling out of a store by the beach and was there for over two years, until they closed their doors in December 2016. Now, the responses I get from all you wonderful people on Hometalk is all the support I need! :)

  5 answers
  • Libby Libby on Feb 09, 2017
    Go Suzette Go!!! Your Hometalk community cheers you on!
    Impressed by your creations and the amount of thought and work that must go into each piece!

  • Donna Donna on Feb 09, 2017
    Wow! Great ideas and I love you imagination

  • Gloria everett Gloria everett on Feb 09, 2017
    You ARE a gem. I love your creations. What a wonderful mind and hey, you go girl!
    I am inspired!!!!

  • Margaret Sigouin Margaret Sigouin on Feb 13, 2017
    I have a small group of friends that are very supportive. My oldest friend I met in kindergarden always supports me and encourages me with regard to my DIY and my artistic talents.

    • Suzette Suzette on Feb 13, 2017
      Hi Margaret, I'm so glad you have a nice support system! And it's so neat that you've had a life long best friend that appreciates your talents. :)

  • Semper Fi Semper Fi on Feb 14, 2017
    I'm motivated by failing home structures that I want to be better yet no costly repairs & have a little enjoyment from the results and the 'process'. Yet with being a empty nester for a long while coupled with headaches(migraines ) and treatment for depression hinders progress. So I'm learning patience & persevarence when those down days come . Thanks be to God for uplifting music and spiritual teachings about Jesus on Moody Bible Radio !
    OH! yea my name is Bob , a newbie !!