Will this do for now? Mother's day

I was asked the last min about baskets. I am in a lot of pain. The option of shopping is out of the question. i made the frames today and those will be added. The mugs along with a lunch tote in one. And a bath towels and other items. I know they want the body wash. I can't get it. I have a huge shipment arriving today.
Air fresheners curtains, and things of that nature. What do you think?

I need to go out to get that and the pain won't allow it.
e will this do for now mother s day
I have a lot more to add.
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  • 2dogal 2dogal on May 09, 2018
    Just do what you can. Others will understand.

  • Lindy Lindy on May 09, 2018
    I know this won't help you now, but it may help someone in the future. There ae drugstores that offer free shipping for over $49 in items bought. They also offer some pretty hefty coupons for on line shipping. Body wash and other lotions scream drug store purchase unles it's a boutique brand. I use the service periodically and it saves 30%

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on May 09, 2018
    This sounds like a great gift to me! In fact, I caution my grown kids DO NOT BRING GIFTS...JUST A CARD! I am at the age it is time to just enjoy their company!!! I even offered Chicken 'n dumplins' for lunch!!! LOL

    I don't know who "they" are, but "they" can stop on the way to Mom's and pick up some bath wash...it is not very expensive and comes in delightful scents from any drug store!

    Waiting until late to put in their order sometimes requires a little effort on "their" part!

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on May 09, 2018
    You are a fantastic person for doing what you can and just being thought of is a gift itself. I think you are doing great - the mugs, decorated frames, and bath bombs are perfect for any mom. I know I would love them!

    • Shay Johnson Shay Johnson on May 09, 2018
      I am waiting for one more item and I will be set for the wrapping Towels and something scent wise I have them set to go as you see here. What do you think? thank you

  • Wendy Wendy on May 09, 2018
    Good luck, let us know how it goes!

  • Julie  McCuiston Julie McCuiston on May 09, 2018
    Very sweet. Hope you are pain free soon.

  • Shay Johnson Shay Johnson on May 09, 2018
    I try to shop in the store when i want to spend less than $50 and I use coupons as well. I am going to be ok I found a few items here. Thank you.

  • Donette Donette on May 09, 2018
    These items will make a beautiful baskets! I agree Jeanette S. above- I’m sorry you’re in too much pain to get out. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to say no or ask for help. Pat yourself on the back- those baskets will be full of wonderful items, you don’t need anything else!�🙂🙂

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on May 09, 2018
    I think what you have put together is perfect for any mom - great job and well done! I truly hope you feel better soon. Sending you hugs and well wishes.