How can I decorate a hall way to incorporate it into the room?

You pass this wall as a hallway as you walk through the living room into the rest of the house. In other words, the wall is on your right side, the living room is totally on the left as you walk straight ahead into the kitchen and family room. I believe it was supposed to be used as a dining room, but we already have enough eating places and chose to use it as a formal living room. There are arches at either end of the wall designating the beginning and end to the room, but I want the wall to be more a part of the room than just a wall you pass by as you stroll through - and yet, I can't make anything stick out too far from it or passersby will be tripped up. I have runner rugs down now denoting the path and a sofa table with a floral arrangement on the table against the wall. It doesn't stick out very far. But, it doesn't say, "Hello, include me!" either.... Any ideas?

q how can i decorate a hall way to incorporate it into the room
View from front door into family room as you pass wall on right, formal living room on left. Picture is of wall to be incorporated into formal living room.

q how can i decorate a hall way to incorporate it into the room
View of wall to be incorporated into formal living room as you approach front door. Wall on left, formal living room on right. Picture is of wall to be incorporated with table and lamp against it.

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  • Pat Asquith Pat Asquith on May 24, 2017
    I think the rugs are making it feel more like a hallway. Since you have a rug to wipe feet at door, try removing the rugs. Add a large mirror, or cluster of small mirrors above the table, and some art pieces that you like, that coordinate with the decor in your living area, nearer to the entry, as well.

    • Kelly Condie Thompson Kelly Condie Thompson on May 24, 2017
      OOOOoooo I like the mirrors idea.... And, I hadn't thought about coordinating it with the entry... DUH! I keep thinking that part is its own separate problem.... Are you thinking about using one big rug to cover the walkway and the living room? Hadn't thought of that either! Thanks!

  • Judy Ferrell Judy Ferrell on May 24, 2017
    Can you paint the room with the wall a slightly different color from the rest of the rooms? Then maybe add some art that are matching pieces to this wall and another wall.

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    • Judy Ferrell Judy Ferrell on May 24, 2017
      You might try adding flowers or other knick-knacks that match on a table along that wall so that they match other things throughout the room, even lamps work.

  • Jga19700901 Jga19700901 on May 24, 2017
    Hang a mirror a nice suze one get rid of rugs , you can keep in rug but a wider one . I would get rid of floor lamp and put a lamp on sofa table

  • Ili Ili on May 24, 2017
    I have sort of similar problem....the couches should not given the back to the wall, moved them in a way that the 2 places look like one bigger one...A nice BIG mirror or a favorite painting or a group of pictures over the table...move the standing lamp to the other side of the room (we don't know how your lvrm is arranged), put a nice table lamp and the flowers are great...oh, remove the rugs (much lighter color probably better), the dark ones just make a "path"....lovely accent that wall is also good a basket or something not too wide by the door (front), or tall plant...let us know the results

  • A A on May 24, 2017
    Looks like the perfect canvas for a gallery wall. Hang all sorts of frames and other items that are meaningful to you. Use a theme that can carry out throughout the rest of the room - it could either be color, or subject, or some sort of motif. It it were me, I would use family photos (all black & white) and shelves holding family mementos, and then have a smattering of the same throughout the room. I would also lose the throw rug, as another reader mentioned - although it may serve a purpose, it definitely acts as a room divider. Beautiful room.

  • B. Enne B. Enne on May 24, 2017
    Nice house! I agree with removing the runners, adding a large mirror, painting or gallery wall, and moving the sofa, which creates a break like a wall, thus causing the "hallway" to be/feel separate. The lamp and flowers are too low/small by themselves. Painting a coordinating colour behind the console would work. You could alternatively, paint the entryway a darker version of the current paint colour. I would stop the colour where the posts/archway are. I think this would delineate it from the "hallway", which looks like it is the same colour as the living room. I think a darker entrance would also visually shorten the space, so it doesn't look like a long hallway when you are facing your door.