How do I transform my mudroom?

We just bought our first home. It's awesome; the inside is nicely redone but the mudroom is awful. And to make matters worse, it's the main entrance to the home so it is our guests' first impression! I'm constantly apologizing for it!
Also, we store our recycling, gardening supplies, outdoor toys and some shoes there... is there any way to make it look inviting while maintaining it's usefulness??!!
Thank you for your time and thoughts,
PS, the new doors are on their way!
q how do i transform my mudroom
Entering via small deck (no, it hasn't been painted yet... did I mention we just moved in? who knew there was so much to do?!)
q how do i transform my mudroom
First view to the inside (floor boards are not insulated - and may be good during the winter?)
q how do i transform my mudroom
View from inside. I know, I know...
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