How can I transform my cannonball pine bed in to farmhouse style?

by Kym32348350
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  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Aug 24, 2018

    Although Photos of the bed would help alot in getting to details of the intricacies of this project, getting the actual Dimensions of the backboard and Footboard are what is essential to actually getting the Custom Cut Boards to get the Materials for the job.

    You can get custom cut hardwoods at

    And because all you are doing is Refacing a Backboard and Headboard, you either Glue or Fasten [with 1" Screws] the Custom cut hardwoods to the Backboard and Headboard.

    You will need 4 pieces of Doubly Routed Trim for the Top & Bottom of both Pieces so you can just Slide the Custom Cut Boards in Place, as Perfectly Aligned to the Track.

    You can then Fasten the Next and Next and by Gluing the Prior as you place these, you get a Primo Product and a Professional Result.

    The Headboard and Footboard then only need the two boards along the sides of Each, which place last, after you slide in all the custom cut boards.

    It is really easy to do, and assemble these, and it is moreso a matter of gathering all the custom boards and doubly routed pieces.

    You may need to Hunt those Doubly Routed Pieces, from a Specialty Trim Supplier, [or Lumberyard] as the folks at Home Depot do not do Custom Routing, but do Custom Cutting.

    So, those 4 precision boards must be the First Components you get, because quite simply, you will not know the Exact dimension of wood you need until you measure from the Track to Track, because it relies on the Routed Depth.

    Routed Depth seldom needs be deeper than 3/8 inch.

    Facing Panelboarda seldom need be greater than 1/4 inch.

    Thus the Routing that you need should be a 5/16 inch Path that is 3/8 inch deep that runs the entire length of the 4 Boards that place on the Top and Base of the Headboard and Footboard.

  • Maura White Maura White on Aug 24, 2018

    I spray painted one and used a dremmel sanding attachment to give it the distressed look. Check out pictures over here:

  • Beth Beth on Aug 31, 2018

    One thing I have noticed with cannonball beds and the farmhouse style is that there is a trend of, if you are going to paint them, painting a color like red or blue. Such a classic Americana look! Even black is a really cool modern farmhouse look for a cannonball bed.