Asked on Dec 17, 2017

Can u put tile directly over linoleum

Regina Axley
by Regina Axley
diy small bathroom remodel, limited budget and know how. Want to change out the floor but can’t afford nice slate
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  • Polly Fuller Polly Fuller on Dec 17, 2017

    don't know about ceramic tile, vinyl tile, stick on squares, might eventually show the indents in the base flooring.

  • Suzann Suzann on Dec 17, 2017

    I have tiled three small bathrooms and a large kitchen by laying the ceramic tile directly on linoleum. You have to make sure that the linoleum is not loose or the tile will not stay. The jobs were successful and have lasted for fifteen years even though I was told it wouldn't work.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Dec 17, 2017

    You can lay ceramic tile over ceramic tile if the old tile is in good condition. Here's a video that should help you learn the method along with some tips for instation.

    But Polly is right. If you try to lay vinyl tile over ceramic tile the indentations of the smaller tile will show through and it will be a mess before long. Have you considered painting them? You can paint ceramic tiles but for a bathroom floor you need to look for a paint for that specific project. Here's an article to read about that. Wishing you the best and Happy Holidays!

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    • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Dec 18, 2017

      Oh Regina, that's a different story. The picture looks more like ceramic. :( Yes you can do that. Just be sure any small holes or cracks are filled in, sanded down, and the floor has been cleaned with a degreaser. Good luck!

  • William William on Dec 17, 2017

    I don't advise it. But it can be done. My daughter had it done in her bathroom and it has held up pretty well. Use tile mastic rather than thinset. Thinset will not grab linoleum and may crack from movement in the floor.

  • Delle Delle on Dec 17, 2017

    With a limited budget, look for luxury vinyl tiles. They are very realistic and have the real advantage of not being as cold and hard as ceramic or stone, where things can break easily if dropped. And if your old floor is in good condition and level, they can easily be installed over it. Peel and stick can be a bonus, and very easy if you pay attention to directions and line them up very carefully. Some of these can be grouted.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Dec 17, 2017

    Regina, are you hoping to diy ceramic tile over the present vinyl linoleum flooring or are you asking about laying vinyl tiles over what you have now?

    • Regina Axley Regina Axley on Dec 18, 2017

      I was thinking peel and stick. I wish I could use ceramic tiles but the spacers I am not comfortable with and the cost. Thank you so much for replying

  • Dot Dot on Dec 18, 2017

    Sometimes the sheet vinyl is not stuck down very well. I was able to pull mine out without a problem. Placed stick on tile diagonally on clean concrete floor, caulked with a creamy color (comes premixed) using a popsicle stick on its tiny edge for spacers. It takes a strong arm to cut the edge pieces around door frames, etc. I used a box blade and it is very sharp so be careful. I pulled out the quarter round carefully, sanded it and repainted it so it would look more authentic. If you do not have a pneumatic nailer, just tack the quarter round in where you can with tiny "headless" nails and finish sticking the rounds on with silicone paintable caulk. Caulk guns are cheap, cheap! No one has guessed yet that it's not ceramic and it is so much more comfortable.

  • 17335038 17335038 on Dec 18, 2017

    You're welcome.

    I was also thinking about the transition area between the bathroom and the adjoining room-( hallway?)- if you put new peel and stick tiles over the existing flooring, is it going to raise the height of the floor too high for the present transition threshold piece?

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Dec 18, 2017

    The next owner (or yourself) in a few years will be really upset when they go to pry up the mess you will have on the floor. Take it up before putting the new floor down.

  • Susan Matejka Susan Matejka on Dec 19, 2017

    I just recently laid "peel n stick" tiles (cheap from Home Depot) directly over our vinyl sheet tile in our bathroom. Looks great!

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