Cheap, but classy, way to cover ceiling

by Diane
My husband and I are adding onto our home. He has been in the construction business for years, so we are doing all of the work ourselves. Give me some ideas for cheap, but tasteful looking, ceiling coverings. With only the two of us doing the work, we do not want to tackle sheet rock! I'd really like something easier and quicker to install.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 18, 2015
    Research for the tiles. They are showing a lot of styles.
  • Marty Anderson Marty Anderson on Nov 19, 2015
    Wide tongue and groove planking.
    • Diane Diane on Nov 19, 2015
      @Marty Anderson We have wide tongue and groove on our bathroom and master bedroom ceilings but it is very expensive. Easy to install but not easy on the pocketbook.
  • Melanie Melanie on Nov 19, 2015
    You can buy tiles that are made of strofoam online that look like faux tin tiles and after painted with metal paint. .nobody would know. There are several tutorials. One recently was put up about a mother who made a headboard for her daughter from one and honestly it looked very expensive
  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 19, 2015
    A builder friend of mine, was a master at cheap creative ways to use low cost materials. He put up a grid for a hanging ceiling and then cut sheet rock into 2'X4' pieces painted them and put them up instead of more expensive tiles. It looked very nice, and was far more manageable than doing the mud and plaster and sanding and dealing with 4x8 sheets overhead.
    • Diane Diane on Nov 19, 2015
      @Sharon The manageability is the biggest issue for us. With only the two of us working on this project, I can't hold the sheet rock up while he screws it off.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Nov 19, 2015
    Depending on your style .....You could brush on bonding agent. Let dry. Then use drywall compound with some bonding agent added and create a faux plaster ceiling. There is pretty inexpensive foam type cove moldings to complete that look.. Friend had a damaged plaster ceiling and I was able to replicate the pattern using above with a putty knife. Load on the compound, spread it around about a foot square or so, they lay the knife fairly flat against the surface and lift it off..
  • Lagree Wyndham Lagree Wyndham on Nov 19, 2015
    We recently had some flooding and the sheet rock (about 4ft up from floor) had to be taken out along with insulation in my parents garage. Instead of using sheet rock again my dad used concrete backerboard. He covered screws and joints with sheet-rock mud and painted with a textured paint( semi Gloss). It was a lot easier and cleaner than sheet-rock. Turned out so well that if I ever build again this will be put on my walls and ceilings. PS the ceiling in my house are textured skip trawled is how they were finished, mine are painted a semi gloss white...shiny ceilings look great
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    • Gigi Gigi on Nov 04, 2018

      That's a Great idea! Wanted to plank but this sounds nice!

  • Lynne Lynne on Nov 19, 2015
    4'x8' sheets of beadboard.
  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 19, 2015
    I think you will be able to handle a 2 foot by 4 foot piece of sheet rock and you don't need to use anything thicker than 3/8th thickness, which is a lot lighter. He did it alone. So the two of you should be able to manage if you like the look.
  • Pam Pam on Nov 19, 2015
    If your room will be rustic you could use 4x8 sheets of luan, seal and/or stain before putting up and use lattice or 1x2s to cover seams in a grid either same color or contrast. They are very light and could give a warm rustic feel to the space. Just a crazy idea.
  • Lyn2398900 Lyn2398900 on Nov 19, 2015
    Old fashioned tin tiles is what I wanted in my bathroom, of all places. But the know how and even the price made me decide to not do it....I still love the idea, especially if you have the right home for it and you like it.
  • JOHNNY JOHNNY on Nov 22, 2015
    Sheet rock / drywall is most likely be required by your building dept. for fire rating & safety & r value requirements & is the cheapest ceiling covering @ 1/2" material, other materials will have to be thicker to achieve the rating required if you rent a drywall lift about $50.wk it is not to hard. Ceiling covering after, wood veneer, metal or now plastic squares, plaster can be textured into shapes, in fact you can do a 3 d mural and paint it
  • Bananahed Bananahed on Sep 08, 2019

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas. I will research each of them ......

    Thank you so much for all your helpful ideas !