I need to pull up my old carpet and install a laminate floor

Carpet is nasty and only have pressed board underneath the carpet. What should I do after I remove the carpet?
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  • Once the carpet is removed along with all the tackless etc. Evaluate the exposed sub floor for loose nails and squeaks. Using screws fasten around all edges to assure against movement. If need be, sprinkle some talc powder in between the joints to help remove any squeaks later on The new flooring will have a recommendation on the type of padding is required for the floor. Depending upon the location of the floor, i.e. basement, living area 1st floor or wet area such as bath or kitchen. There are different types of materials that are purchased for this use. Follow the directions carefully. A few staples should hold the padding in place and keep it from moving around. This padding is required to allow movement of the floating floor your about to install. Follow the directions on the floor installation carefully. Be sure to let the new flooring sit outside of the boxes for a day or so to prevent abnormal swelling and movement as the wood becomes acclimated to the homes environment. If the floor is being placed over a crawl space that has a lot of dampness, Think twice in doing this. Even with the best of intentions some moisture can come up causing the floor so swell and buckle. Be sure to leave enough space around the edges for movement. This space will be covered by quarter round trim that most likely is not present if the carpet was installed properly. If the quarter round molding is still in place, remove it. If you do this carefully, you can re-install it once the floor is put down.