Asked on Jan 04, 2015

Vinyl plank wood-look floor versus engineered hardwood

by Christy
We are building a new home and trying to decide between engineered hardwood or vinyl plank wood-look flooring. We have two kids and are wanting durability but want it too look nice too.
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  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 04, 2015
    I'd spend the bucks and get hardwood that can be resanded and refinished after 50 years! Do not like what is in the picture - looks cheap.
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    • April Box April Box on Mar 12, 2019

      I have 15 year old Bruce Hardwoods. Just the two of us, no animals. It already needs to be floated and re-coated....esp in the kitchen. It looks best when cleaned on your hands and knees....and gets a lot of dents and nicks. I wish my kitchen, at least, had tile. I love my wood floors, but it is expensive to maintain them....and at 25 years, much less 50, they will look like doody. Recently had my kitchen cabinets painted. The green frog tape used to put paper down to protect the floors pulled up the coating. I will go with engineered if I ever re-build. Will live with these floors if we stay.

  • Donna Burdzinski Donna Burdzinski on Jan 04, 2015
    Some people say vinyl looks cheap, but if you don't have the money to install hardwood vinyl is the best alternative. We put vinyl in our home because we live out on a farm most of the time we bring in rocks and such in with us and we would rather get more vinyl in 10yrs than having to sand hardwood down in 2yrs. I guess it really depended on where you live and who you want to impress
  • Terri Lewis Lyons Terri Lewis Lyons on Jan 04, 2015
    My husband is a flooring installer and I have helped him many times installing both the vinyl plank tiles and laminate engineered flooring. I prefer the vinyl. Yes, as in everything in the marketplace, there is a cheap product and an expensive product. If you buy cheap it will look cheap and it won't last. If you spend a bit more on a higher quality product it will look better and last longer no matter which way you choose to go. If you are installing this yourselves the LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is much easier....but do you have the proper tools and experience? That makes a difference too. Glue down vs. snap together? either one works. I like the snap together, although it really is a misnomer because it doesn't just "snap" together. The laminate is messy as far as breathing in sawdust, etc and it is not forgiving/hard to get under doorways (must remove baseboards and undercut the doorway jambs). Good luck which ever way you decide to go.
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    • Tina Baldwin Tina Baldwin on Jul 25, 2018

      My husband installed vinyl in our bedroom and it's still looks beautiful 15 yrs later. Granted, it's not a busy area but if it still looks new 15 yrs later, I think it would work well in busy area also. I'm getting ready to put Pergo on all the floors of my new home.

  • Carole Carole on Jan 05, 2015
    I would go the vinyl, purely because we are in and out the garden so much and wearing dirty boots and the dog has long nails as she is bush walked rather than walking on pavers, so her nails tend to be on the long side. She also drags a lot of muck in on her paws, especially when wet. Vinyl would be more practical if it gets a lot of rough treatment.
  • Z Z on Jan 05, 2015
    We just purchased bamboo flooring from the discount chain I'll call LL. I was never impressed with their ads since it seemed too good to be true, but when looking to replace carpet in an upstairs bedroom with hardwood we decided to go with bamboo as it's much harder than even oak. We have solid oak in all but the bathrooms and kitchen in our home and I can tell you after 11 years there are a few nicks. Not much, but since the bedroom is being used as a living room for our son and grandson we felt bamboo was the way to go. @Terri, is correct. If you chose to go vinyl, spend the extra and get a quality product, but if you're spending that much, you might want to go ahead and check LL's for bamboo. We got strand bamboo with the click installation. It has to acclimate in the room for 2 full weeks so ours will go in this next weekend. I can't wait!
  • Christy Christy on Jan 05, 2015
    We are debating between the high quality vinyl plank or engineered wood. I just ordered a sample of the vinyl. The sample on the store looked good. I would love to see it in a whole room. We are generally easy on our floors but do have two young daughters and expect spills etc. I don't want to get nervous every time something spills on the wood. I don't want my kids to feel like they are going to damage the floor by just being kids. I also worry about what if the dishwasher leaks, etc and what that would do to wood. The house will be in an upscale neighborhood and while I am not personally worried about what others think, I worry about resale. As far as installation, I feel confident in the flooring company we are going with to do proper installation. Big decision.
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    • Shana Shana on Feb 04, 2019

      Michelle, do you mind sharing what brand you got?

  • Karen Bruton Karen Bruton on Jan 05, 2015
    We just installed (with the help of friends and family who are experienced with this stuff) hand scraped laminate in our entire house which was roughly 1300 sq ft. We can't stop getting compliments from our friends and family about how much it looks like hardwood. It's only .99/sq ft and we special ordered it from Home Depot. We have an active dog and a youngster and wanted something that would be durable. Couldn't be more happy with the results! Here's a link to the product: Hope this helps!
  • Susan S Susan S on Jan 05, 2015
    We put down vinyl, 12"x24" in our laundry room and guest bath from Home Depot. It has a matte finish, east to clean can be picked up if need to. Whether I would put it in a formal room, I would have to look at other designs and finishes but, it is definitely durable.
  • Peggygordon Peggygordon on Jan 05, 2015
    Had the vinyl plank in my laundry room and basement, having been assured that it was great for basements. I wouldn't do it again. It was not waterproof. Water got under the planks from a leak and the water squished out between the seams. I had to take the whole floor up. Right now the basement is plain old concrete until I can decide what to put down next - maybe sheet vinyl. I have done carpet, laminate, vinyl plank. Running out of ideas!
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    • Peggy Peggy on Apr 20, 2019

      Agreed!!! I stained mine and love it. I had laminate and water entered up through the foundation due to 8" of rain we got in 1 hr! I had a waterproof underlayment but it was no match against 2" of water in the basement. I decided to stain the floor. Then the water pump failed. More water. I had some bubbling from the stain/poly sealant, but it scraped up and I re-stained. A lot less $$ lost. We purchased a new home to flip and are debating what to put down. I would like to stain....better half says carpet.  .

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 05, 2015
    Nobody has mentioned tile for the kitchen and entry ways. You don't say if you are living on a farm, ranch, etc. Have relatives that were farmers. The women would have done serious damage to the men if they ever tramped through the house with their boots on. Have maple hardwood and a tiled foyer. Have had 3 dogs at a time. just put an industrial rug at side entrance to take up some dirt and moisture on paws. Mind you, the poly or whatever they used probably had 30 years to cure. It is tough. Finish is still good.
  • Sue Sue on Jan 05, 2015
    We put down a vinyl floor 3 years ago. It looks the same as the day it was installed. We love it!!!! We have a dog who was, at the time was peeing where ever she wanted to, so I knew I didn't want wood. The vinyl was the best solution as each piece is sealed to the next so no moisture could seep underneath. The recommended cleaner, Bona Laminate and Tile Cleaner left a sticky residue so I've used diluted vinegar ever since, which is also is known to kill germs and is safe for pets (and babies). The dog has graduated to a piddle pad since then and I'm as happy with the floor as the day it was installed. Go for it! You won't regret it.
  • Christy Christy on Jan 06, 2015
    Thank you all for the great input. We currently have ceramic tile in the kitchen and breakfast nook of the house we live in now. We were wanting to avoid tile in next house as I do not like that grout seems to be hard to keep clean and tile is hard and cold on feet, especially if you are cooking a lot. I do, however like the durability. We will have tile in bathrooms. We decided we will likely have the vinyl plank wood look floor put in our kids's craft room first then decide if we like it enough for kitchen and entry area or if we want to stick with our original plan of hardwood. The vinyl plank we like is good quality and gray in color with a more rugged look of wood. It is textured like wood. It will be spring before we are ready for flooring in the house so we have a few months. Thanks again everyone!
  • Carmen Carmen on Jan 06, 2015
    The plank floor - HOWEVER, quality does count as someone pointed out. Also if the floor is not properly leveled the planks can shift with time and you will have small gaps.
  • Laurilli Laurilli on Jan 06, 2015
    We had vinyl plank flooring put in 4 years ago. I didn't want laminate flooring after listening to my sister about hers (she has dogs). and I didn't want tiles (too cold) so went with the vinyl plank. Professionally installed glued down, was told I could heat a plank and replace them if needed (have not needed & really don't want to try) but they look as good as the day they were installed.
  • RMae78 RMae78 on Jan 25, 2015
    We recently bought a gutted house and installed plank flooring w plywood!!! Hardwood is not very durable and although it is yet to be known if this will withstand our 4 boys and 3 dogs, at least we will have not dumped thousands in. Also I LOVE the rustic look, rather than everything being factory cut looking.
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    • Debbie Armstrong Leek Debbie Armstrong Leek on Feb 06, 2021

      Id like more specifics about this as well! Looks great and i would love to re-use wood to make special in a new way again!

  • Liesl Schick Liesl Schick on Jan 29, 2015
    What flooring is in the picture?
  • Lisa Loper Lisa Loper on Feb 04, 2015
    I am renovating a 100 year old home that has some rooms of wood floors that we were able to restore. The others rooms were a mess. Even though we leveled the house, there are still some minor issues. We went with floating vinyl plank flooring from Armstrong called luxe plank. We were able to match the original wood color and it looks great. The one we picked has a lifetime warranty. It is much easier to maintain than my 100 year old floor. You can got to Armstrong's Web site and see it and there is an installation video
  • Heidi Heidi on Feb 06, 2015
    I would love a link to the flooring photo above!
  • Debbie Polly Debbie Polly on Mar 07, 2015
    Using Google Image Search I found this floor. Sadly, it is not vinyl. It is a hardwood. Historic Walnut, Alta Vista Hardwood Collection
  • Chris Chris on Jun 08, 2015
    Depends on what products your looking at! With 2 kids I would lean towards vynil just because no matter how durable the engineered is its all about the finish that's used that's where you will get dents sratches ect. Just remember you get what you pay for!! Hope this helps
    • Debbie Armstrong Leek Debbie Armstrong Leek on Feb 06, 2021

      Cant a person add any type of protective layer to flooring, especially wood or engineered hardwood after it it laid down and given a chance to settle, to make it more indestructible against dog claws, spills, gravel stuck in a shoe, etc?

      How long one would need to wait, id think would depend on type of wood and instal method.

      But what comes to mind are bowling alley floors and that thick varnish, and people like kids “drop” boulders on it, yet somehow it still seems ok with so much abuse! I think they also use a hardwood which doesnt have much “denting” or flex (dont quote me but i think it is either oak or maple). Thus the hardwood is so popular for furniture building too.

      That said, the engineered hardwood floors are so much thinner, so im not sure if you could protect it as well, but if the coating was THICK, and could absorb shock, id think it would work as long as the foundation is like a concrete slab, and sealed off from moisture.

      On the otherhand, thinking outloud, IF u did put a “thick” coat on top especially on thin flooring, water vapor may be trapped underneath and not be able to diffuse through that top coat layer to escape! Therefore, I’d think one might also need some type of thicker ormore effective insulation layer between the boards and base to help prevent mold from possible water vapor condensation on the colder slab below. Vapor could come in from the sides of the house though, or plumbing nearby.

      I’m newer to all this at the technical level but i tend to wonder how these products work as an over all “home system”, and how to solve potential pitfalls, design challenges, or financial limitations.

      My dad was a builder (civil engineer and business man) but passed away when i was in elementary school. I’d have so many questions! And, i love pushing the envelope to try and do things in new, more efficient, and innovative ways to solve today’s challenges!

      Materials, planet, costs of energy and other resources, and human needs are all rapidly changing in dynamic ways!

      And it is time our building methods, materials, and community planning needs to start changing along with it, but even subsidize these groups and us to help us be able to make these changes (vs just adding new rules and new costs). Appraisals also need to adjust accordingly and not have to just use standards and sales of old method and old way homes in order to provide a good valuation for the bank in order to get a mortgage loan or refi! We should be able to add to existing loan also to make design more efficiency or expand size like if family size increased...w less expense, less hoops, and way less hassle! But rule would be to prove it was done or good reason it didn't go exactly as planned.

      ok, maybe i went on a little tangent here (lack of socializing with large groups of people....the cost of year long covid “quarantine”, 😂). sorry!

  • Patricia Patricia on Jul 02, 2015
    We went with the by vinyl in our current house. We had laminate in our last. We have four indoor/outdoor dogs and the vinyl it holding up way better than the laminate. One day I will go hard wood. As long as the dogs are with me, I am going to use the vinyl. People have asked if its real wood!!!
  • Carol Carol on Jul 20, 2015
    I just did my home in the luxury vinyl plank by Karndean. I could not be happier. I've always had hardwood before and this is far superior in ease of care and peace of mind. It is just beautiful. And no hollow or loud noise when walking on it. Family and friends just love it and now want to do their homes. You do get what you pay for. It is not cheap by any means!! Oh and also In researching flooring, if you do decide to go with LVP, make note of whether it qualifies as a DIY or professional install is recommended.
  • Amanda Amanda on Aug 10, 2015
    Does it look like real wood? Do you know who makes the one in the pic and what the color is?
  • Carol Carol on Aug 11, 2015
    This is my kitchen. My brother could not believe it was vinyl. The maker of mine is Karndean and the color Hickory Peppercorn.
  • Debbie Bone-Harris Debbie Bone-Harris on Sep 05, 2015
    But what is the name/color of the flooring in the original photo above? LOVE LOVE LOVE it
  • Tracy W Tracy W on Sep 08, 2015
    Agree - what is the source for the picture above. I love it!
    vinyl floor is easy to install and clear.variety of colors and patterns also can match any style in your room
  • Shirley Midgett Shirley Midgett on Oct 13, 2015
    I have vinyl plank floors and they are terrific. Everyone complements my "hardwood" and they are super easy to care for. Do not mistake the "peel and stick" kind of vinyl for the planks, the latter are thicker, heavier, better in every way. They are IMPERVIOUS to everything wet and nasty including dog pee! You can wet mop them altho I just damp Swiffer mine. They will scratch but not easily, we shove the sofas around with nary a mark. Got mine at Lumber Liquidators, more expensive than many laminates, cheaper than wood. They do appear to be heavier and thicker and a little harder to cut than the wood products.
  • LmBuskala LmBuskala on Oct 18, 2015
    We have vinyl plank and engineerd hardwood. Vinyl is in a room that gets a lot of traffic and hss held up well. Easy to clean.
  • Kristin Topping Kristin Topping on Oct 27, 2015
    Good question.In my opinion,Hardwood floors add warmth and character to any space, whether modern or rustic. And as long as you care for them properly,they'll continue to beautify your home for a long time.Thanks for nice posting.
  • Lorraine McKay Lorraine McKay on Nov 16, 2015
    Before you make your decision, research toxic off-gassing of vinyl floors. We laid the planks in a kitchen and family room and love the look and the ease of maintenance. Since that time, however, I have read that vinyl flooring of any type gives off a chemical that is collected in cells in our bodies and causes health issues.
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    • Jeanine Hoffart Jeanine Hoffart on Jan 28, 2021

      I was super worried about this too. But my impression after some research on this topic is that the newer luxury vinyl plank is not nearly as bad as other types of vinyl or other flooring options.

  • Alicia Alicia on Nov 29, 2015
    Does anyone know what the name of the backsplash is in this photo?
  • Chris Chris on Dec 04, 2015
    I have Allure Traffic master vinyl flooring & I love. No small children but I have 3 messy men & one large puppy. I never have to worry about water or scratching.
  • TAB TAB on Dec 05, 2015
    I have vinyl flooring and it is fantastic. I live in the country - lots or mud, water, snow, dirt - the flooring is exceptional. There is even a cleaning product for vinyl flooring made by Roberts and comes in various finishes if you want some shine. One application should last you around 6 months with children. You won't regret your vinyl decision - Good Luck!
  • Valerie Valerie on Dec 07, 2015
    Regarding off-gassing and VOCs. We selected metroflor engage flooring. It has fooled so many of our friends and even the appraiser for our refi 😏. We have an English springer and a couple big guys with boots every day. It's so tough. It's a commercial product, so don't look at lowes for it.
  • Pam Pam on Dec 12, 2015
    I'm about halfway done with installation of my Allure Trafficmaster Vinyl Plank floors right now. So far I LOVE them. My parents had engineered hardwood in their family room years ago and I remember how quickly that material got damaged and worn-out-looking so I knew I didn't want anything with any wood component in it. Everything I've learned about vinyl planks says the durability is far and away better than engineered hardwood. And with two cats who are jerks (and like to knock stuff off surfaces onto the floor) I knew I needed waterproof floors. Can you image a glass of water being knocked off the cupboard 10 minutes after I leave for work and coming home 8 hours later to a ruined hardwood floor? Ha! Vinyl won that argument.
  • Marie Marie on Dec 28, 2015
    Can someone tell me what color is the vinyl floor in the photo above?
  • Hi! Christy, I love this flooring after having seen it done in your kitchen? Anyway I have a terrible time trying to figure out what pattern or brand to use and when I saw your project which turned out fabulous I thought??? I love this floor. Could you please tell me where you got this floor and could you please give me the name brand and pattern information. Please???? I have got to use this for my family room and kitchen. And knowing now what I have just seen done I love it and want to use it. Thank you so much for your time. Barbara, Michigan
  • Edwall94 Edwall94 on Jan 19, 2016
    How do I find out the colors used in this kitchen???
  • Pati Hays Richardson Pati Hays Richardson on Jan 19, 2016
    The concrete floors in the house we purchased, are not level. We used the Allure Trafficmaster Vinyl Plank floors and LOVE them. No one believes that they are vinyl when they look at them.. We are getting ready to finish a room in our garage and will be using the vinyl again, in a different color. I highly recommend them!
  • Loy Loy on Jan 22, 2016
    The floor in this photo is vinyl. For sure easier to clean in the long run. But consider the long-term unanswered questions about out-gassing and any voc in the surface finishing, Note the seams between the planks here, or is that a pattern mark on the vinyl?. If you don't know much about hardwood flooring and don't look closely, you can be fooled, especially by a photo. Hallmark Floors calls this Historic Oak. Unfortunately it's not actually reclaimed, though it's name would seem so. Care to do a comparison?
  • Diane Johanson Diane Johanson on Jan 24, 2016
    With vinyl you get what you pay for.Vinyl will not add value to your home's resale value, cannot be repaired if damaged and is not eco-friendly (or natural). It's like buying cheap furniture because you have kids, when in the long run a better quality piece will stand up to more abuse. Bear this in mind as you make your decision.
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    • Bernice H Bernice H on Jun 28, 2016
      I agree...I put vinyl planking in my house,and was secure in knowing that if the refrig leaked,I would not have the leakage problem I would have if I had put laminate down. It cleans so much easier than the current laminate I have in this present house. I was really happy with the vinyl planking and it always looked good. However I did have to put a finishing product on it afterward,to make it shine. Not a problem.and if a plank needs replacing I was is not a big deal.
  • Pati Hays Richardson Pati Hays Richardson on Jan 25, 2016
    The seams in mine are pattern mark and make them look like real wood planks...the laminate will not work on an uneven floor like the vinyl does and the vinyl does not warp and have to be replaced for water damage like other floorings. Also, with the vinyl that we used a damaged plank can be replaced.
  • Debbie Boyd-Rigney Debbie Boyd-Rigney on Jan 27, 2016
    Upon reading all of the above it appears that the photo is not a vinyl product. That is disappointing. Here is a pasted copy of the information they posted... Would like to see photos of completed vinyl projects. Also, would like to know manufacture, model, and VOC. "This is engineered wood by Hallmark Floors. This image was taken from our site. The product is Hallmark Floors' Alta Vista Historic Oak."
  • Karen Karen on Jan 27, 2016
    Hi I work at carpet one Over the last few years vinyl planks have emerged by over 300% Its the hugest selling flooring we have Its durable and with the right brand, it looks so real that it can fool professionals With kids and a dog, or a busy lifestyle Vinyl planking is the way to go
  • Carol Carol on Jan 27, 2016
    This is my vinyl plank floor. The color is Hickory Peppercorn and the maker Kardean. I have had hardwood floors in the past and I would choose luxury vinyl planks every time. Durability, ease of care, looks are all superior. It does not scratch, warp or sound "hollow". And if needed, planks can be removed and replaced if damaged. No sanding or major cost involved. No one believes me when I tell them it is vinyl planks. LOVE my floors. Hope this helps. :)
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    • Bernice H Bernice H on Jun 28, 2016
      I totally agree! Loved mine also and wish I had it instead of this hard to deal with laminate that SOMEONE Else installed before we bought present house!
  • Pati Hays Richardson Pati Hays Richardson on Jan 28, 2016
    We have this throughout our entire house and love it.
    • Carol Carol on Feb 03, 2016
      @Pati Hays Richardson My dads family is from OK. (Geronimo/Lawton). So glad you love it too. We have it everywhere but our bedrooms. The compliments and the "you are kidding...vinyl?" just keep on coming. :)
  • Leslie Odefey Leslie Odefey on Feb 16, 2016
    Does anyone know what the brand and name of this wood is? Thanks!
  • Sue Sue on Feb 17, 2016
    I have it in my home and just love it, especially with pets. I'm not sure of the name, but I purchased it at Home Depot. After several years, it looks the same as the day it was purchased. Just be sure, when you lay it that you sweep and vacuum several times before laying the floor. Any debris, no matter how small, will show the imprint over time. Good luck and enjoy!!
  • KatAych KatAych on Feb 18, 2016
    Wow, I LOVE that floor in your sample photo!!! We have Pergo throughout (my parents put it in before we took over the house) and we H-A-T-E it...dents, water warps, you name it - can be seen everywhere. I MUCH prefer this!!!
  • Pati Hays Richardson Pati Hays Richardson on Feb 18, 2016
    Traffic Master Allure Ultra Plank Vinyl Northern Hickory Grey
  • Does anyone know the name of the flooring in the picture and where I can find it??
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    • Leslie Johnson Leslie Johnson on Mar 19, 2016
      We are about to build and are planning to use Mannigton Luxury vinyl. It looks similar to this, though I'm not sure if it's exactly the same. We are using Mannington's "Havana".
  • Brett Lipton Brett Lipton on Mar 01, 2016
    If it is a kitchen then I would go with wood look porcelain tile, it is inexpensive, easy to install and lasts forever.
  • Melissa Miller Jones Melissa Miller Jones on Mar 02, 2016
    That's what the floor is called?
  • Carol Carol on Mar 06, 2016
    Traffic Master Allure Ultra Plank Vinyl is the product name and brand. Northern Hickory Grey is the color.
  • Lee N Floyd Hickman Lee N Floyd Hickman on Mar 08, 2016
    Hand scraped Allen Town Hickory by Traffic Master at Home Depot.
  • Stacey McGraw Porritt Stacey McGraw Porritt on Apr 09, 2016
    Does anyone have the correct name of this flooring? I have searched the ones mentioned and they do not appear to be the floor. Thanks!
  • Angi Angi on Apr 23, 2016
    Anyone know what this flooring is called in the picture? I LOVE it!
  • Elixeo Elixeo on May 18, 2016
    I did a reverse search on the picture and as it turns out it is a stock photo. I was able to find something similar. See the image below.
  • Donna Jason Chastain Donna Jason Chastain on Jun 16, 2016
    What did you decide? I'm debating tile versus the vinyl planks too.
  • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Jun 27, 2016
    In the picture the boards don't look like they are butted up to the boards on the for dirt to get into and cant be reached to clean.
  • We did a remodel put in metro floor vinyl plank, and I am so sorry, it scratches terrible, my area around my table is awful from people sliding the chairs in and out, I so wish I would have gone with something else!
    • Mary Gibson Mary Gibson on Dec 12, 2016

      We have hardwood floors and had the same problem. I put very small baby socks on all legs, problem solved and they stay on. Think thrift store.

  • Irene King Irene King on Jul 15, 2016
    Reasons I don't like laminate, vinyl, or tile - repeated patterns. I prefer the randomness of wood and bamboo. Yes, they cost extra, but they don't look like they just walked out of a factory, either.
    • B. Enne B. Enne on Dec 18, 2016

      As long as they are not a click system or the type with one side glue strip, you can probably install them in a non random pattern. I have peel and stick cheapy tile in a small bathroom and rotated the pattern, and everyone asks if it is stone when they see it (until they touch it). I got the tip from an episode of the American staging tv show, Designed to Sell with Lisa Laporta. It makes a HUGE difference. On another Canadian show (Bye-bye maison ??) last weekend, I saw a home with high end finishes. The house was very nice, but the imitation marble porcelain floor in the kitchen wasn't popular with buyers, so the show was changing it. When they did a close up of it, you could see the pattern repeat, and I mentioned to my DH, that I bet if they had installed it randomly, people wouldn't be complaining, since natural marble is more random.

  • Lro12501569 Lro12501569 on Sep 29, 2016
    We put down vinyl plank in most of our house two months ago and absolutely love it! Very easy to clean!
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    • Lro12501569 Lro12501569 on Dec 08, 2016

      i use an I spire mop by Rubbermade with a small squeeze of Mr Clean In the reservoir. I have 3 washable pads and it cleans great, doesn't leave a residue, and smells good! It is so easy to clean. all of my daughters have started using that mop. One has the plank, one hardwood, and one ceramic tile.

  • Jacki Jacki on Oct 09, 2016
    Who makes these flooring? I love it!
  • Denise Denise on Oct 11, 2016
    Be careful when buying laminate - find out where they are "manufactured" not distributed. The floors manufactured in China are made from VERY toxic chemicals that are not allowed in the U.S. or Europe (figure that one out). We found a beautiful "distressed" laminate at Home Depot, made in Austria with "greencore". VERY affordable and beautiful at the same time.
  • Pamelaad Pamelaad on Oct 18, 2016
    We have dogs and cats...and I hate to clean. We tore up carpet (a no brainer with dogs) and then tore up the hardwood. Too hard to keep the hardwood looking good plus if a dog...or cat...or kid has an accident, the urine (and smell) seep in the wood cracks and into the sub flooring. Replaced it all with CoreTec vinyl. Still re-doing some rooms and the contractors we have in all comment on our beautiful hardwood floors. No one has asked what it is. Haven't had any problems...I clean up with paper towel, water and dilute bleach. I've had all types of floors...tile used to be my favorite but not any more. I saw a sign at a flooring said "Have pets? We have the floor for you" I went in and told them to prove it. They proved it in spades. WE had a thousand year flood down here last fall....people who had the CoreTec just pulled up the floor, cleaned it and re-installed it. Perfect for beach living.
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    • Lisa Lisa on Aug 12, 2018

      I’m trying to figure that out myself. Have you had any luck?

  • Phoebe Rotert Phoebe Rotert on Dec 08, 2016

    Love my vinyl plank (from HDepot). Have had for 3 years. I tested it before install--the snap joints are waterproof. Perfect for messy family and dogs who leak. Easy care with vacuum or broom and wet mop. No dog nail scratches, no joints coming apart, looks great. This is the only floor for me.

  • Nancy Evans Frieder Nancy Evans Frieder on Dec 12, 2016

    I went with vinyl plank and am glad I did. It's much better than the old vinyl floors. It cleans easily with no sticky build up. I hesitated to go vinyl because I usually choose something more organic, but I'm glad I went this route.

  • Canadianlady Canadianlady on Dec 12, 2016

    We have a vinyl plank floor in our lower level and a bona fide dark oak hardwood floor upstairs. I like the vinyl better, because it looks amazing, and it is so easy to clean. The dark hardwood, on the other hand, shows up every single speck of dust. It's high maintenance.

  • Jennie Henderson Jennie Henderson on Jan 06, 2017

    Redid my home last year. Got rid of the carpet and tile. Also, I have two cats and a 50+ lb inside/outside dog. I chose to put the vinyl laminate down for several reasons: pets, able to place throughout entire house ( including baths & laundry), looks like real wood without maintaince hassles. A friend spent several nights and admitted, had they not been told beforehand what it was, they would have sworn it was wood.

  • Barbara Barbara on Jan 07, 2017

    I have vinyl planking and it is nice. People think it's wood. You can mop it. The only problem I have is I live in Arizona and if I leave home for awhile I have to be sure to leave air conditioning on as the floor will buckle if the temperature is 90+ for too long.

    My handy man knows someone who went away for the summer and didn't leave the air on. When they returned the floor was ruined.

    Also can't have it where sun shines on it for a long period of time.

    I got it at Home Depot and it was the deluxe type.

    • Lisa House Lisa House on Jan 09, 2017

      Did you leave enough room along the perimeter for the flooring to expand? The vinyl planking we used just needs to be snapped back into place if it should happen to loosen, then just add a bit of weight on it for a couple seconds and you can't tell anything had ever happened. Have had dogs mess on it during the night, cleaned up the next day with no effort, no change in the fit, look, and no residual smell. All in all we couldn't be happier with our choice.

  • Sha39401 Sha39401 on Jan 08, 2017

    WhereWher To purchase th best premium quality vinyl plank flooring?

    • See 2 previous
    • Haley White Crane Haley White Crane on Jan 13, 2017

      If you are in Hattiesburg, Southern Interiors is a great place. They have first quality products they order directly from the distributors. No second quality stuff like the big box stores carry. This really makes a difference! Mannington AduraMax is a great product, as well as Shaw's lines of waterproof vinyl plank.

  • Carol Carol on Jan 08, 2017

    I too live in Arizona, (Sun City) and I love my Karndean floor. I purchased it from a flooring and installation company. Our subfloor is concrete so leveling in places was necessary and the flooring was glued and is not recommended for self installation. Not the most inexpensive way to go but oh so worth it.

  • Sandra M Iacono Sandra M Iacono on Jan 09, 2017

    Do you have to buy coretec flooring from a speciality store?

  • Barbara Barbara on Jan 09, 2017

    The vinyl planking I have is "Allure Ultra" from Home Depot. It is not glued. They call it "floating." Your sub floor must be level, then you snap it together and the joints are waterproof. I mop mine with water plus a little vinegar added and they have a glossy look.

    • See 1 previous
    • Bernice H Bernice H on Jan 13, 2017

      Yes....I agree. Loved mine!

  • Barbara Barbara on Jan 09, 2017

    Yes, did everything according to instructions. Mine has not buckled, but it will if it is 90+ deg. for an extended period of time.

    • Misty Misty on May 17, 2018

      Just an FYI. If your leave the air off in your home you’re Sheetrock will lose eat and crack and you will develop Mold. learned from experience.

  • Shui Shui on Jan 10, 2017

    Vinyl can be hard on the back (when standing) compared to real wood.

  • Kaye Kaye on Jan 10, 2017

    Anything is hard on the back when standing, but cork is better for that. Save your $$$, go with vinyl, and buy a cork mat to stand on. Stylish, comfort, but most of all, budget savvy.

  • NanaWells NanaWells on Jan 13, 2017

    I have the Allure Ultra in my bathrooms because of upkeep in Durban Oak I love it everyone thinks its real wood they don't believe me when I tell them its not. We liked it so much we are now putting it in the kitchen :)

  • Haley White Crane Haley White Crane on Jan 13, 2017

    As an interior decorator specializing in flooring, I would recommend the waterproof vinyl plank! It's extremely durable and gives you the look of hardwood without the upkeep and worry about damaging it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hardwood, but the options are nearly limitless nowadays and you can find some gorgeous vinyl planks. I would HIGHLY recommend getting it from a company who sells directly from the distributors and who can install it for you. Typically these places have a labor warranty that will cover any defects in workmanship, and you will get the full product warranty by purchasing from a dealer. The big box stores typically carry second quality products that could even be dangerous to your health. Support small business and you'll be very glad you did! Some products I have had much success with are Mannington's AduraMax line, Shaw's Premio and Classico line, HomeLegend/Eagle Creek's SyncoreX line, and not sure if this is available where you are, but the Novocore line from BPI (a local southern distributor.)

    • Rco21403076 Rco21403076 on Mar 02, 2017

      Thanx. I am at the opposite end of the country, but your advice will be very helpful when I am ready to redo my floors. I don't want hard surfaces such as marble or ceramic tile. Glad to hear vinyl is good.

  • Natacia Natacia on Jan 15, 2017

    I love this flooring this photo what is it?

  • Cora Cora on Jan 25, 2017

    Who makes the gray gradiant subway tiles on the back splash of the kitchen in this picture?

  • Courtney Byrum Courtney Byrum on Feb 07, 2017

    Any idea what that blue paint color is?

  • Carla Harrod Hampton Carla Harrod Hampton on Feb 07, 2017

    We have Manington Audra Max Luxury Vinyl Plan flooring and love it! It looks so much like real wood planks that you want to touch it to see, When you touch it, it has texture just like wood. It's got a built in padding and is thicker than the vinyl planks you find in the big box hardware stores. It is inter-locking and waterproof, lifetime guaranteed. With 11 grandchildren we needed durable and wanted beautiful and that is what we got. Go on line and look it up on Mannington's website!

  • Brandi Brandi on Feb 11, 2017

    What color is this? I love it!!

  • Bill Bill on Feb 24, 2017

    What color is on the island?

  • Vic21548492 Vic21548492 on Mar 06, 2017

    I've just disovered this site and am happy I did! My husband and I will be building our 4th home and have just discovered plank vinyl flooring! We could not get over how realistic and how beautiful it is! We we concerned about putting vinyl in a fairly upscale house, but after reading these comments I think I'm sold! I also like the idea of no grout in the bathrooms and the whole house having one flooring surface! Thanks!!

  • Kerri Berken Chiasson Kerri Berken Chiasson on Apr 06, 2017

    I'd just like to know the paint colors

  • Megan Kuc Megan Kuc on May 25, 2017

    This is a bit of a stretch, but does anyone know the exact color of the island cabinets? I've been looking everywhere for this color and no one has come close to having it.

  • Chris Esten St Pierre Chris Esten St Pierre on Jul 02, 2017

    Can you please tell me the paint and color on the kitchen island? love it!!!

  • Sandra emberton Sandra emberton on Jul 05, 2017

    Love the look and durability of the vinyl. Easy to clean and looks so good.

  • Sam Sam on Jul 09, 2017

    Where can I find flooring just like this?

  • Terri Lewis Lyons Terri Lewis Lyons on Sep 06, 2017

    I'm sorry I don't know which brands are better than others. As I suggested above I would go and visit some flooring stores and see what they offer. The quality brands are going to be thicker and probably cost more. It would depend on your budget and the application of the flooring (as to where it is going to be installed) to decide what quality you will want. I hope that helps/makes sense. Oh, also, if you are putting this is a place with high traffic you may want to steer clear of one with a higher gloss or smooth surface as those may have a tendency to scratch more easily and show more wear faster than one with a matte finish or is more textured. Good luck!

  • Barbara Barbara on Oct 25, 2017

    we have vinyl 9in 6-foot planking all throughout our home . I was afraid of the vinyl in the beginning but it is amazing

  • Robin Beasley Robin Beasley on Oct 25, 2017

    What color is this flooring and where can I purchase it?

  • Carol Scotece Armstrong Carol Scotece Armstrong on Nov 06, 2017

    a resounding NO on engineered flooring. i just built our house and used heart pine floors throughout except the baths and laundry area. where moisture is (kitchens and bathrooms), no engineered product will last as well as something solid, and solid vinyl is impervious to water but water ruins solid wood. if you have a choice, as beautiful as real, solid wood is, a better choice for wet areas would be a high-end LVT.

    engineering flooring is nothing more than wood veneer on top of some sort of substrate. the better quality the engineered flooring, the more likely the veneer top is thicker and more resistant to puncture and scratches - but definitely not water. for kitchens and bath, go with waterproof surfaces like LVT or ceramic tile.

  • Pam Pam on Dec 28, 2017

    Off topic! What color is your island. Love it!!

    • Lisa Lisa on Aug 12, 2018

      I’m trying to figure that out myself. Have you had any luck?

  • Sue P. Sue P. on Jan 27, 2018

    Have you considered wood-look porcelain tiles? We used a Lowe's product, "Style Selections Natural Timber Ash" and it looks just like wood. Link below. It comes in several colors/"woods" if the Timber Ash is too rustic for your kitchen. Lowes should have it in stock so if there is a store near you, you could stop by to take a look. I think we even purchases one "board" to bring home to see how we liked it in our kitchen before we decided to use it.

  • Patty S Patty S on Mar 02, 2018

    Definitely the Vinyl plank. I did hardwood and would never do it again. Hard to take care of and my dog has scratched it un mercifully.

  • Bmi32050820 Bmi32050820 on Mar 02, 2018

    i have vinyl plank and am sorry I did. It is very dull and looks dirty all the time. You cannot use products like mop n glow cause it voids the warranty which is ten years Big deal. If it looks cruddy anyway. So the moral is be sure u pay close attention to the shin. If I could do it over I would do porcelain tile that looks like planks. That is beautiful. Oh yea vinyl shows scratches

  • Devans Devans on May 22, 2018

    We have luxury plank flooring and it the best decision we made! People think it’s wood all the time! You so get what you pay for so do t go for the bargain brands!

  • Marsha Marsha on Jun 10, 2018

    When I first saw Pergo and engineered flooring, I thought “Who would put Formica on their floors?” MIL has Pergo. Looks cheap. She hates it. I have dark Oak hardwood floors. Only the real thing for me, but that’s just me. Just sayin’.

  • Suzi Suzi on Jul 25, 2020

    Can anyone tell me how Luxury Vinyl Plank feels on your feet? Does it feel like wood or more like a hard plastic?

  • Agnes Chrzanowska Agnes Chrzanowska on Jun 30, 2021

    it all depends what is the room and your budget and of course amount of traffic