Asked on Mar 19, 2013

How do I get rust off of tile and grout outside?

Sharron Abrams
by Sharron Abrams
Last year I had indoor/outdoor tile put on my back padio - looks great. But afterwords I had the idea to add a roller metal pot so I could put my garden hose into. The rust from the pot went onto the tile and grout. Any suggestions on how to remove the rust??? I can't wait to get rid of the stains. Thanks for any help and suggestins
This is my rust stain - still no answer to what to use. Need something that won't take the gray color out - HELP
This is my new pot - without the rust. I am still trying to save my tile from rust. Any suggestions?
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  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 19, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams You didn't indicate the colour of your tile and grout, this could impact on the advice. Since it is outdoors, you could take fresh lemons and squeeze the juice on the area and leave it exposed to the sunlight - usually removes rust but may take a few tries. If your grout is white you can use a grout cleaner with bleach. Scrubbing Bubbles foam has worked for friends with old tired white grout, but they indicated it took a toothbrush and a couple of applications. Good luck Sharron.
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 19, 2013
    The tiles is multi-color and the grout is on the dark gray side. Thanks so much for your comments and any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 21, 2013
    I have tried baking soda and vinegar with very little help - any suggestions???
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 22, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams I guess one other thing you could try is making a pase with oxyclean crystals - supposed to be safe for most fabrics. Let the paste (keep moist) sit on the stain for at least a half hour then scrub and rinse off. May have to repeat. If it doesn't work the oxyclean is great for all kinds of stains either with a presoak or right in the washing machine.
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 22, 2013
    So do you think that it could work? I am concerned that it would bleach the color? Never used it ??? Thanks for all your help
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 22, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams I have used this on coloured fabric with no problems. I doesn't work by lightening, but apparently by enzymes. It indicates it is free of bleach etc. Resolve is another product that does the same thing and I have used, but it has oxyclean in it as well.
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 23, 2013
    I will go out and get some today and try it - Thanks for sticking with me on suggestions - I am new to Home talk and this is my first activity with a question - you have been their for me and you are greatly appreciated. THANKS. I will try to take pictures and see if I can figure out how to get them on here - at 56 yrs old I am learning a lot.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 23, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams well welcome to HT - everyone here is just wonderful! A lot of very creative people here who share their ideas I myself have not had an original idea, but have done some of the projects posted here (I always credit where the idea came from) and the originators are very good at helping. I love the blogs they attach to their posts - provides a lot more ideas. And did I mention the technical support is superb! :) Posting pics is easy - on your post at the bottom when you are in edit mode is a button to updoad photos. Good luck! I look forward to your posts. Let me know how that oxyclean works.
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 23, 2013
    Thanks for the WELCOME - you make me feel at home - love to do crafts myself - but not bold enough to share - have to learn how to share photos of the crafts I do. I have wonderful ideas to share. I went to the hardware store and had them help me rig a pot to pot rollers for my industrial garden hose so I don't have rust on the tile again. Hurray for that. I also make hand mirrors for those who have teenage daughters and also print on wood. Love to make my own designs on cloth as well. I don't see any of my ideas on HT. I will be having carpet installed by the pro's in the next month and then I will have time to share with all on HT. Thanks for the talk - it is nice to have a friend on here even before I even start.
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 26, 2013
    Tried the Oxyclean - can't seem to keep it wet enough to stay on for a half hour. Tiles get hot and it dries within minutes to a hard substance. This is Arizona and it is getting warm daily and promises to get even hotter. Any other suggestion???
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 26, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams maybe you could try to do it in the evening and place a wet cloth on top. If you can only do it during the day, maybe create a tent like structure over it.
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 26, 2013
    The tiles are just cooling off at night - I figure I would have to try this about 4:30 or 5:00 AM. Hummm - Got to be a better way to get the rust out. My sister-in-law is having some tile installed this week. Hoping the tile guy can help. Guess my OCD is getting to me. Thanks for getting back to me.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 26, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams or you could help cool them down with some cool water. And the wet cloth on top should probably be a folded wet towel - water towel as needed. If the tile guy can't help, I am sure that a tile store would have some solutions for you.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 28, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams I had another thought this morning about how to remove rust. There is a product called CLR that is advertized for cleaning all sorts of things, from soap scum to lime build up and rust in bathrooms. Here is the website info They sell it in most home stores and hardware stores as well as grociery stores.
    • Susie Watson Susie Watson on Apr 24, 2017

      I've tried clr on bathroom tile that somehow got rust in grout. Hasn't worked but is slowly getting crud out of group. Live in apt that I'm hoping landlord will allow me to paint grout when I get it clean. If I paint over rust will it cause prob later?

  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 28, 2013
    WOW I had forgotten about that - I have some in the garage - will have to try that today! Thanks for thinking for me - see you really do have a original idea LOL - needed you to keep my mind straight. THANKS AGAIN
    • Debby Debby on Sep 01, 2014
      @Sharron Abrams In the laundry section there is a product called Wink. It is in a brown bottle. I squirt it on and watch the rust disappear. No scrubbing or anything.
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 28, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams LOL, some questions stick in the back of my mind and thoughts come to me randomly. Haven't used CLR recently - since I discovered scrubbing bubbles is much easier to keep the shower glass and tiles clean and free of scum. Let me know how it works, may take a few applications, and with the dry weather you have, you may still want to soak a small towel with the product and place on top of where you have applied it - good luck :)
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Mar 28, 2013
    To clean my shower I use a squeegee after every shower just to get the water off the tile and glass. Once a month or so I spray with vinegar and hose off after using a magic sponge bought at the discount section of the grocery store (Fry's) easy does the cleaning - it really works. I used a small coat of car wax once a yea to the tile and glass. I use this on my dish drainer too. It really works great for me and we have really hard water here. Try it without the car wax and see what you think. - good luck :)
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Apr 01, 2013
    I tried the vin and oxy stuff - no help - ran out of CLR - going to try that next - any more suggestions? Sent photos of my new pot. This is so I can hose off the tile and get under the hose to clean from the dust storms we get. Thanks so much for all the suggestions so far.
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Apr 05, 2013
    I still have the stain - hoping for more answers and suggestions
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Apr 08, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams I was searching something totally unrelated but this product popped up and thought you might be interested
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Apr 08, 2013
    Well the place is in Holland. Really going to have to check into this product. Thanks so much for sticking with me on this one. I even tried my tile guy and the only thing that he suggest is to re-grout the area, unless I can find a better way to clean it - that is what I will have to do. Right now he is at my brother-in-laws house doing the front walk. This will have to be delayed till I get the carpets finished. We are having half of the house redone. Hubby only wants carpet on his feet when he gets out of the bed. Hummm wish he could handle tile and a rug -
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Apr 15, 2013
    HI again @Sharron W still thinking about your problem LOL. I have seen on several posts here what a miracle worker 'barkeepers friend' is, I have never seen it in our area, but lots of talk about treating rust with it. Seems to be a powder cleanser. Just thought I would send that idea your way, not sure where to find it but likely Walmart or a graocery or hardware store. Hoping you have luck. Again I would likely use it on the tile after they have cooled down with cold water in the evening. But maybe you have already regrouted?
    • Ronda Ronda on Mar 07, 2015
      @Gail Salminen I have heard this is great for rust
  • Lelanda Muzzell Lelanda Muzzell on Apr 16, 2013
    Try C.L.R it will work
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Apr 17, 2013
    @Gail Salminen , Bless you Gail for putting so much thought into the issue...but You tagged the wrong Sharron...LOL
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Apr 17, 2013
    Hello neighbor named "Sharron" how nice of you to respond - thanks
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Apr 17, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams and @Sharron W sorry about that, my bad LOL, thanks Sharron W for responding - not many spell that name with two r's - so now I have met two in one spot! Gotta love this site.
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Apr 17, 2013
    I m always surprised when I meet someone whit the same spelling - I believe my mom and dad said that it is the French spelling. I have been real busy this week and for the next two weeks. Hubby decided to have the floors re-done - but wished that he could of had them done in stages. It is hard to have upstairs and down stairs done all at the same time. Computer will be unplugged for 2 weeks at least - till I can get back into my house. It all starts on Saturday. Half carpet and half tile. He doesn't like hardwood. Trust me I would of done all hardwood and tile. Once this is finished will return back to my tile problems. Hummm Enjoy this website and will return fast as I can. Thanks for all you help and hope to return with pictures and updates.
  • Sharron W Sharron W on Apr 18, 2013
    @Sharron Abrams I would try the Amway product, REDU, I've seen it get rust stains out of clothing without harming the color...and it's specifically made for rust. comes as a powder you take the amount you need and add the appropriate amount of 1 tsp to a cup of water.... the instructions are on the bottle....
  • Laura Laura on Oct 08, 2014
    I would try lemon essential oil or other quality essential oils. I can't imagine it not working and it's non-toxic unless you get a cheap brand.
  • This post just came up on my feed and I can see it was from a while back! Did you find a solution? I have a very easy way if not!
  • Sharron Abrams Sharron Abrams on Oct 26, 2014
    Thanks so much Haley - I tried CLR and no help at all - not even a speck was removed. I will get the white miracle scrub sponge and try that - still working on it = THANKS SO MUCH for your suggestion
  • Mary Johnson Mary Johnson on Oct 26, 2014
  • MartyG MartyG on Oct 27, 2014
    I successfully got rust stains out of granite using a product called "The Must For Rust." I think I got it at Home Depot (in the U.S.) The granite was almost white and had been improperly sealed so got rust rings from a spray can sitting on the bathroom counter. I made a puddle of the Must For Rust atop the stain and let it sit overnight. It completely removed the rust.
  • Wglindner Wglindner on Jan 03, 2015
    Clr will get that rust. Use gloves and a scrub brush. Happy day are here again. Lol but it does work
  • Check whether the stain is a grout, cement or rust blemish. Try mild acid cleaners like phosphoric acid cleaner and clean the stain away. Or you can use alkaline cleaners to take away oil, greese and dust.
  • Cindy Berry Cindy Berry on Mar 22, 2015
    Go to your nearest beauty supply house and buy 40 volume developer and put it all over let it set you. Might want to get some of their cotton strips and lay it where the grout is with a little bit of scrubbing with a scrub brush and then clean up you will see how well it came clean
  • Ani1630335 Ani1630335 on May 09, 2015
    I suggest that you try 3% hydrogen peroxide before applying anything that might attack the integrity of your tile and grout. It attacks mainly iron particles and is gentle as well. Pour some on, watch for any bubbling/foaming, let it sit for about 10 minutes or so, scrub with an old toothbrush. Rinse with a garden house if you can. Repeat the process until the rust is gone. Peroxide worked every well to get dried blood out of off-white carpet. It did take 6 Qts. however & a shop vac & lots of patience.
  • Pam Walker Pam Walker on Sep 01, 2015
    Spray it heavily with WD-40 & let it soak for a little while. Then, scrub it with a bristle brush or a potato brush & it should come up. If some of the grout comes up, just run a bead of all-weather caulk on it. After it's cleaned & dried, I would seal the whole thing so it won't happen again. Thompson's Water Seal should do the trick. It will also keep rain water (humidity) from seeping under your tiles & causing mold to start growing. ( It will also repel any water dripped by the hose too). Hope this helps. :)
  • Therese Ryan-Haas Therese Ryan-Haas on Sep 02, 2015
    Have you tried Iron Out? Work great in laundry. Says it removes Rust stains in tub and toilet. Think it might be worth a try. Can find-on line or in with laundry detergent.
  • Rod6499619 Rod6499619 on May 25, 2016
    Try Bar Keeper's Friend. It gets rust out of sinks and bathtubs. It is with the cleansers like Ajax and Comet. Don't let it sit for more than a minute tho.
  • Michelle Brycelea Michelle Brycelea on Jun 26, 2016
    Scrubbing bubbles foam spray.... Let sit for 5 minutes then scrub a little with a brush and wipe clean away. It might work
  • Theresa Murrell Theresa Murrell on Oct 02, 2016
    Whink rust remove - that stuff will work miracles.
  • Kathie Kathie on Oct 07, 2016
    Get a bottle of Whink rust stain remover at the grocery store when you put it on the stains just disappearbIv used it on fabric and tile just follow the directions on the bottle and use it carefully
  • Judy Judy on Oct 14, 2016
    If none of the above work, they do sell grout paint at any home improvement store. I have purchased this.
  • Teresa Goodhard Teresa Goodhard on Nov 20, 2016
    toilet bowl cleaner with bleach squirt into grout let sit a whole then use grout cleaner brush let sit about 15 min wash off with hot water
  • Kat25150106 Kat25150106 on Jun 25, 2017

    I have a white out door table and it got some rust on it can you tell me how to get the stain of it