How do I lay vinyl flooring and run it up the wall for a foot?

by Sue20336944

I foster puppies for an area dog rescue. I have a small room that I've designated as the puppy room. After five years of puppies, the laminate is needing replaced. I've decided to go with vinyl flooring as it will be cleaner and no moisture will be able to get under it. I want to run it up the walls for a foot or two so there is no seam at the edges. My question is, how do I do this without the flooring cracking at the edge of the floor and the wall?

how do i lay vinyl flooring and run it up the wall for a foot
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  • Barbara Tunney Kaytor Barbara Tunney Kaytor on Jul 31, 2018
    Unless you want it to be permanent I would use peel and stick floor tiles from home depot easy to put down and cut and easy to remove.

    • Wyldecent Wyldecent on Jul 31, 2018
      If pet urine gets in between the tiles, it dissolves the glue (found out the hard way when trying to track down a lingering odor). Don't waste time and money doing this. You could tile the floor and run it up the wall as well. Not quick and easy but durable.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 31, 2018
    To prevent cracking you will have to probably have a seam along the floor. I would use silicone caulking at the floor seam to keep it from being able to get moisture underneath it. I would put quarter round all along the floor, and perhaps put it up as you put the silicone down to seal it well and run a small bead along the floor line for further protection, just like you do along the edge of the tub. This is the solution I could come up with, I don't think that scoring the linoleum would work without it eventually cracking along where it is scored to make the floor/wall join seamlessly. I hope this helps!

  • Helen Bleazard Helen Bleazard on Jul 31, 2018
    I would honestly get separate skirtings.
    It is quite simple to install and I feel you woud get a better looking finish

  • Re Re on Aug 03, 2018

    Apply first to floor and let it run up the wall!!!

  • Debbs Debbs on Aug 30, 2018

    I would actually look at different materials for a baby puppy area with high likelihood of "puppy pee pee potential". I am thinking of the commercial or industrial washroom floors that are an epoxy installation with rounded transitions to the wall. I believe I have seen linoleum / vinyl sheeting applications installed similarly. I would do some google work to seek a diy solution or the least expensive pro install method. Moving away from your click install floor is the right choice as the animal urine will get through the seams on your flooring and when it gets to the subfloor you will never get rid of the odor. Thinking outside the box a bit even though it may be higher cost...a concrete application with heating mats installed underneath with an epoxy "paint" over. If it were me, I would probably even look at applying formica laminate sheets or large scale tile, to the walls above the flooring wrap up (similar to commercial bathrooms) in order to make the room as "wash down" friendly as possible. Another to your vet clinic and see what they would recommend for an "at home" pet room application and possible vendor referral. After all, they deal with more messes than we could even fathom.

    Good luck and thanks for being part of the solution in the world. Cheers.