How do I redo my laminate floors without costing a fortune?

I am 74 years old and like DIY. I need to redo my laminate floors as they have been destroyed. I have considered several things to do but not sure what is the least expensive or the best way to do this especially at my age and income. I need help and/or suggestions, please.

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  • Ken Ken on Jun 02, 2018
    You have to replace destroyed laminate floors. Laminate has not been designed for any kind of sanding and refinishing. Least expensive equals least natural looking and least durable.

    I would assume that whatever conditions destroyed your laminate still exist. Depending on what your version of "destroyed" means, you may be able to sand and paint, but do not expect a great deal of durability. Area rugs may be a solution to protect higher traffic areas.

    • Paula Paula on Jun 02, 2018
      Thanks. Destroyed means not having been taken care of, having dogs in cages in one room, ( family living with me), water spills not cleaned up so floor lifting in spots. Can I lay carpet over the laminate or sand and paint and coat in epoxy. I just need makeover suggestions, the easier and less expensive the better as I am also somewhat handicapped. Thanks for your answer though.

  • Offaly Offaly on Jun 03, 2018
    I think carpet would be the best option. If it is possible to knock back where the floor is lifting maybe a good sheet vinyl ( lino ). The laminate should make a good base for it. Hazel. Australia

  • Jean Jean on Jun 03, 2018
    Consider high quality sheet vinyl, easy care, many patterns including wood.

  • Paula Paula on Jun 05, 2018

  • Paula Paula on Jun 05, 2018
    Thanks. I think I'll check into the sheet vinyl but am also considering carpeting.

  • Ken Ken on Jun 12, 2018
    Unfortunately easier and less expensive equals a job that won't last. Epoxy is not cheap and the only cure for a lifting floor is replacement and dealing with rot that may have happened under the floor. If you carpet over any odors will find their way back through but you could try nailing the lifted areas down before carpeting if the lifting wasn't caused by the dogs. Best of luck.