Asked on Nov 18, 2015

How to remove old rawlplugs from tile?

Gill Moreton
by Gill Moreton
Hi, took down an old shower which was broken. Now left with tile scarred by old holes that contain rawlplugs. Tried to remove them by drilling but failed. Any ideas? I can't get replacement tiles to match.
Sad tile. I hope to fill and maybe paint with acrylic to make the best of it, but first, the rawlplugs need to go!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 18, 2015
    I would get a epoxy sealer that matches your tile to cover this up.
  • Rhona Pennack Rhona Pennack on Nov 19, 2015
    First remove raw plugs, Put a screw in part way , then use pliers to pull and twist gentlely till it comes out. Once it's out use some grout to fill the holes.
  • Charles Laughlin Charles Laughlin on Nov 19, 2015
    put a screw to center of plug don't screw it in tap the screw and the plug into the wall then mix filler add a little coffee to match tile color job done
  • Steve Boccalatte Steve Boccalatte on Nov 19, 2015
    Drill them out with a drill -bit that is slightly smaller than the hole. Then remove and leftover with a pointed nose pliers. Fill with grout.
  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Nov 19, 2015
    Hi Gill. You can push the plugs in all the way. Get yourself some unsanded grout and fill the holes. Seal after dry. Using grout is your best option for a shower situation. I hope this helps. Let us know how this turns out for you. It helps others seeking to know the same answers.
  • Gill Moreton Gill Moreton on Nov 19, 2015
    Thanks everyone. I'm going to try some of the suggestions. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!
  • Tony Williamson Tony Williamson on Nov 19, 2015
    Drill them out then use White tooth paste to fill the holes, remember to overfill then a sharp razor yo take excess off
  • Connie Connie on Nov 19, 2015
    I successfully plugged tile screw holes from a shower door, using artist oil paint (mixed to an exact color match, and it has to be oil, not acrylic) and adding that to some mixed, clear two part epoxy. Over fill the holes slightly, as this tends to shrink down some when cured. After 24 hours use a single edge razor, held flat to the tile, and trim off excess paint epoxy. Working great even 6 years later!
  • CC Neal CC Neal on Nov 19, 2015
    Wonder if you could paint after filling.
  • Jay Jay on Nov 19, 2015
    I remove raw plugs with a corkscrew. Works everytime.
  • Gill Moreton Gill Moreton on Nov 19, 2015
    Thank you!
  • Sherry Fram Sherry Fram on Nov 19, 2015
    I agree with Jay use a corkscrew to get the rawlplugs out then I would fill the holes with epoxy and paint it to match the tiles.
  • Vel1629730 Vel1629730 on Nov 19, 2015
    I would try all the great suggestions above, and if it doesn't work, maybe you can push the plugs into the tile (with the blunt end of a metal screw on the end of a drill?) and then fill and match paint to tile??? Good luck!!!