I have very creaky floorboards what can I do to stop the creaks

Susan Wiffill
by Susan Wiffill

Any advice on how to fix squeaky floors?

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  • Mary Mary on Dec 22, 2017
    i read somewhere to sprinkle baby powder in cracks to silence creaks. I tried this but it only worked where the cracks were big enough to let it through.

  • Dixie Schultz Dixie Schultz on Dec 22, 2017
    haven’t tried it yet but have been told that for creaky hardwood floors, sprinkling with baby powder and rubbing it into the joints should work

  • Cheryl Markus Reynolds Cheryl Markus Reynolds on Dec 22, 2017
    Dust them with baby powder or corn starch

  • Peggy Harvey Peggy Harvey on Dec 23, 2017
    Wait! Please enjoy those delightful creaking sounds. They are vocal signs of a loving old home and of memories of folks who have walked there in years past!

  • Joan Joan on Dec 27, 2017
    The squeak is the wood moving and rubbing against other wood or up and down on the nails. If you absolutely must, use screws to tighten them down. My father liked the squeaks because he could catch us trying to sneak in after curfew.

  • Joan Joan on Dec 27, 2017
    I would avoid powders or corn starch since these could create a slick surface dangerous to pedestrians.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Dec 27, 2017
    Try pouring baby powder into the cracks and see if it cushions them enough to stop the squeaks.

  • Susan Wiffill Susan Wiffill on Jan 09, 2018
     Thanks will try this